Vandals write 'take Trump to prison' on POTUS's giant Texas campaign billboard, Dem group says 'we fixed it'

A huge billboard, approx 40x60 feet, was put up in a Hispanic neighborhood in Houston and vandals added 'take' and 'to prison' as prefix and suffix to the word 'Trump' respectively

                            Vandals write 'take Trump to prison' on POTUS's giant Texas campaign billboard, Dem group says 'we fixed it'
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HOUSTON, TEXAS: A massive billboard put up in Houston, Texas, by the Trump campaign in efforts to get POTUS reelected for the second term was vandalized this week and after being defaced, it carried the message, "Take Trump To Prison."

A screenshot of the vandalized billboard was uploaded on Twitter by Houston lawyer Rogelio Garcia with the caption, "So Trump drops a big (approx 40x60 feet) expensive political sign in my largely Hispanic neighborhood in Houston TX about a week ago which upset me.... I wake up this morning and this is what the sign looks like now hahahahah." It was clear from the picture that the words "Take" and "To Prison" were added as prefix and suffix to the word "Trump" respectively to make it into a slogan against the president. The billboard initially just read "Trump". In a follow-up tweet, Garcia added, "I promise you folks I had nothing to do with this however I wish I had."



After Garcia's tweet garnered a lot of attention on social media, the Democratic political group Turn Texas Blue posted a picture of the vandalized sign and took responsibility for defacing the sign. "Trump put up a billboard in Houston last week. We fixed it," the group posted on October 15. The group also took credit for altering Houston's well-known overpass graffiti that used to read "Be Someone." It now says "Vote or Die."



This is not the first time this month that a Trump campaign sign has been messed with. We reported that a Hollywood-like 10-foot high Trump sign which was erected by the supporters of Trump along Interstate 405 in Los Angeles on October 6 was taken down within hours. "A Trump sign was erected on the hillside along the 405 Freeway near the Sepulveda Pass. It’s unclear who put it there," KTLA reported along with a panning out video of the sign. The huge sign faced northbound traffic near Getty Center Drive in the Sepulveda Pass. Despite being at a significant distance from the roadway, it was deemed a 'traffic hazard' by the California Highway Patrol. There was also concern that it could spark a fire as it had been 'placed in an area with dry brush'.

Within a matter of hours, city crews tore down the sign. "That was QUICK. The city of Los Angeles Crybaby dimwits send out crews immediately to dismantle a HUGE Trump sign, meanwhile, the taxpaying citizens have to wait up to 5 YEARS to get the city to remove rotting trees from their communities and repair crumbling public streets," commented one, sharing a photo of the tattered sign laying on the ground. 
Another remarked, "It has already been removed by city workers; I am impressed by the efficiency of the municipality. Such blatant support for a currently sitting President of the USA will not be tolerated, even for a few hours. You just don’t do that on enemy’s territory!" A third added, "Hahaha. Pretty funny how they take months to pick up trash, or clean up homeless camps, or upgrade infrastructure, but BAM!!! They can send out an emergency clean up crew in record time to remove a Trump sign."





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