Hollywood-style huge Trump sign in LA torn down 'in record time' after Internet says 'can we get a fire there?'

'That’s one name definitely not associated with or wanted in California'

                            Hollywood-style huge Trump sign in LA torn down 'in record time' after Internet says 'can we get a fire there?'
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A Hollywood-like 10-foot high Trump sign which was erected by the supporters of President Donald Trump along Interstate 405 in Los Angeles on Tuesday, October 6. However, the sign was taken down within hours. "A Trump sign was erected on the hillside along the 405 Freeway near the Sepulveda Pass. It’s unclear who put it there," KTLA reported along with a panning out video of the sign. The huge sign faced northbound traffic near Getty Center Drive in the Sepulveda Pass. Despite being at a significant distance from the roadway, it was deemed a 'traffic hazard' by the California Highway Patrol. There was also concern that it could spark a fire as it had been 'placed in an area with dry brush.'

People on social media were not too happy with the sign. "Well take that s**t down tf" wrote one, while another wrote, "Probably all kinds of poisonous snakes up there I would leave it be." A third wrote, "Yeah, that's going to undo that 16 point Biden lead in national polls" Another pointed out, "That’s one name definitely not associated with or wanted in California".

A furious user asked, "Is that northbound or southbound? I’m bringing my sledgehammer". One more user suggested, "Just watch. A giant 'FAILED' sign will appear soon adjacent to it. Too many Americans have died due to his mishandling of the Covid situation. This is his failure." Another commented, "Signs don’t vote. People vote. And trump is doomed."

Then there were those who wanted to either burn down the sign or let Mother Nature take her natural course. "It's fine. CA wildfires will burn it down in a couple days. Mother Nature hates that orange p***k just as much as the rest of humanity," one said while another quipped, "spotted a Trump sign along the 405 near the Getty. Can we get a fire on that hill again but just on the sign?"










Within matter of hours, city crews tore down the sign. "That was QUICK. The city of Los Angeles Crybaby dimwits send out crews immediately to dismantle a HUGE Trump sign, meanwhile the taxpaying citizens have to wait up to 5 YEARS to get the city to remove rotting trees from their communities and repair crumbling public streets," commented one sharing a photo of the tattered sign laying on the ground. 

Another remarked, "It has already been removed by city workers; I am impressed by the efficiency of the municipality. Such blatant support for a currently sitting President of the USA will not be tolerated, even for a few hours. You just don’t do that on enemy’s territory!" A third added, "Hahaha. Pretty funny how they take months to pick up trash, or clean up homeless camps, or upgrade infrastructure, but BAM!!! They can send out an emergency clean up crew in record time to remove a Trump sign".




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