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'Sweet & Sour' Ending Explained: Who will Hyeok end up with between Da-eun and Bo-young?

'Sweet & Sour' is the latest Korean movie to stream on Netflix after deferring theatrical release due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic
Jang Ki-yong as Jang-Hyeok, Chae Soo-bin as Da-eun and Krystal as Bo-young in 'Sweet & Sour' (Netflix)
Jang Ki-yong as Jang-Hyeok, Chae Soo-bin as Da-eun and Krystal as Bo-young in 'Sweet & Sour' (Netflix)

Spoilers ahead for 'Sweet & Sour'

Relationships are brittle and it takes just one knock before the entire foundation that two individuals built comes crumbling down. This is the lesson that the lead character Jang Hyeok (Jang Ki-yong) of the recent Korean romantic comedy 'Sweet & Sour' learns. He is in love with a nurse Da-eun (Chae Soo-bin), and things are going just about perfectly between them. They are romantic, they have chemistry and they also understand each other's preferences. It initially seems as if Hyeok fell in love with her as she nursed him. 

As days pass by in 'Sweet & Sour', the patient and the nurse get close to each other and learn about each other's lives. It starts with Da-eun helping Hyeok beat the judgment that surrounds jaundice patients and in return, he helps her take breaks during her shift. He even lets her snack on his favorite food, and he tries to impress her. He even picks her up at work and drops her off, and through all of this, he falls in love. It is adorable and when Da-eun decides to gift this man with running shoes, he decides to let go of gluttony and run until he becomes fit.


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In the next shot of Jang Ki-yong's K-movie, we see a very muscular and toned man running as if to indicate that Hyeok did indeed run until he lost weight. The transition is almost perfect, so much so, that you do not see the ending coming. So, at this point, their relationship seems to have hit the peak and they seem just about ready to get married even. However, Hyeok ends up getting transferred to the main office for just about a year.

A still of Jang Hyeok in 'Sweet & Sour' (Netflix)

This year is what tests the relationship between Hyeok and Da-eun, as he has to travel between the city and the office that is located far away. Everyday traffic, young and attractive co-worker who flirts with him at work and he is attracted to, but doesn't want to flirt back, and the feeling of always being tired is what creates cracks in their relationship. The feeling of love is lost and everything that Hyeok does is forced and this is clearly visible to Da-eun as well.

A still of Da-eun in 'Sweet & Sour' (Netflix)

That is when he ends up committing a mistake that no one in their right mind would do. He calls Da-eun Bo-young and that is just a few days after she had to experience abortion. So Hyeok's timing is just terrible and his constant whining that he is tired, that he is working hard annoys her. She works hard too as a nurse so everything that was great about their relationship fails in the face of hardship.

A still of Bo-young in 'Sweet & Sour' (Netflix)

Not all good things last long if you do not work at them. So this brilliant equation gets corrupted. In the meantime, Hyeok begins dating Bo-young (Krystal), and all the pent-up frustration and sexual tension between them is fulfilled. Yet, Hyeok is unable to forget Da-eun. Finally, when he gets a reminder about the Christmas vacation that the two of them planned, and he sees that Da-eun hasn't canceled the plan, he tries to propose to her with the same ring that she had sent back. 

And this is where they twist it. What he sees at the airport shocks Hyeok enough to leave the airport without even attempting to talk to Da-eun. So does that mean he ends up with Bo-young? Of course not! Bo-young is not ready to settle down and she is even considering going abroad to study and upgrade her profile. So, in the end, he is left alone to drown in his misery.

'Sweet & Sour' can be streamed on Netflix.