'Survivor' Season 41 Episode 4: JD eliminated, fans say he 'played a horrible game'

The 'smart' JD is not so smart after all as he repeatedly makes dumb decisions in 'Survivor' on CBS

                            'Survivor' Season 41 Episode 4: JD eliminated, fans say he 'played a horrible game'
Contestant JD in a still from 'Survivor' (CBS)

'Survivor' Season 41 returned with its fourth episode and it may have been the best one yet. The survival show which sees 16 contestants stranded on an island in groups of six spanning three tribes never fails to entertain with all the scheming, backstabbing, alliances, and friendships the tribemates form in order to remain in the competition.

The previous episode saw the Green tribe at the tribal council after they failed to rank in the immunity challenge. The voting took place for elimination and it was Brad who was kicked to the curb despite having two advantages. So far in the recent episode, the Blue tribe has been in the lead never once having to go to the tribal council. The Yellow tribe meanwhile continues to be underwhelmed, barely managing to complete challenges.


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Episode 4 titled 'They Hate Me 'Cause They Ain't Me' saw quite a few interesting developments but none quite like the voting off of JD. The Green tribe after losing the Immunity challenge headed for the tribal council once more. All throughout the episode, it was implied by tribemates that they would like to kick out Genie. Genie who already had her suspicions from the start was contemplating rolling her dice in the dark, a risk that threatened to foil her elimination. The drama happened when the other three mates - JD, Shantel and Ricard who apparently were all in agreement about Genie going, saw them backtrack and vote off JD instead. One of the minds behind this was Shantel who in quite a sly move convinced JD to give her his advantage to hold on, displaying fake paranoia. Just like the previous tribe mate Brad, JD too was blindsided in a cruel elimination. Fans of the show found this funny as he'd already been fooled before. For a fan of 'Survivor' JD acted pretty stupidly. Here's how fans reacted:

 A viewer commented, "JD PLAYED A HORRIBLE GAME. Deserved to go home. What idiot gives up an advantage? Lol #Survivor". Another fan said, "JD learns that karma really is a bitch @survivorcbs #survivor #survivor41". A user commented, " I don't feel bad for jd at all. he made numerous poor decisions. #survivor"         

A viewer said, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." JD deserved to be voted out there. He even acknowledged that he got played by Shan last time, and still trusted her this week. Now she has his extra vote. Just a real boneheaded play. #Survivor". Another user said, "JD goes home completing probably the dumbest move we’ll see this season & perhaps top 10 dumbest moves in #Survivor history. #Survivor41". A fan said, "Byeee JD! It finally happened #Survivor #Survivor41".  












‘Survivor’ Season 41 returns to CBS with a new episode every Wednesday at 8 pm EST.

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