Chilling footage shows mauled surfer struggling back to shore after GREAT WHITE shark attack

Chilling footage shows mauled surfer struggling back to shore after GREAT WHITE shark attack
The video shows good Samaritans pulling the shark attack victim from the water (Screenshots by KSBW)

A surfer in Northern California has been badly injured after a great white shark attacked him on the leg at Grey Whale Cove State Beach, just south of San Francisco on Wednesday, June 22, leading to serious stomach and leg injuries.

The incident took place around 10.35 am when a six to eight foot great white shark came towards the 39-year-old man to attack him, according to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office as per KSBW. Onlookers said they saw the man swimming to shore and falling onto the beach as blood poured from his leg. Following the attack at Lovers Point Beach, the surfer was taken to Natividad Hospital.


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As per Monterey Herald, a Salinas resident named Fernando Beltran witnessed the incident and thought it was two swimmers wrestling until he saw the shark. He said, “I realized when I saw the dorsal fin. I was in shock for a minute, thinking, ‘Oh that can’t be a shark.’ I thought it was two guys wrestling.” Beltran narrated the scene that how he saw the swimmer go underwater for around 10 to 15 seconds and0 when the swimmer resurfaced, he began calling for help. The witness said he dialed 911 and a group of four or five paddleboarders rushed out to help the surfer and got him out of the water. Police applauded the people who stepped in to save the surfer. They said in a news release as reported by LA Times, "We want to express our gratitude and appreciation to the good Samaritans that took immediate action and personal risk to assist the swimmer. We send our prayers and thoughts to the swimmer and their family."

The Monterey Fire Department conducted a drone search to hunt down the shark, but there have been no sightings, police said. Authorities will continue to monitor the area while the beaches will remain close and will open on Saturday, June 25, as a precaution.


Friends of the victim identified the surfer as Steve Bruemmer to KSBW. The man belongs to a local swimming club that goes into the water off Lovers Point regularly. His condition has not been disclosed. 

Shark attack continues

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife Shark mentions on their website that there have been 202 shark incidents in California involving all species of shark, among them at least 179 were white sharks, since 1959. Out of these incidents, 15 were fatal. “It is important to note that while human beach use and ocean activities have greatly increased due to the growing population and greater popularity of surfing, swimming, and scuba diving, shark incidents have not increased proportionally. This is even more evident when looking at incidents where a person was injured,” the department said.

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