Was Leeteuk's Instagram hacked? K-pop singer 'begs' hackers to stop meddling with his social media accounts

'Please don't try to hack into my account... I'm begging you. How many times do I have to ask,' wrote Leeteuk

                            Was Leeteuk's Instagram hacked? K-pop singer 'begs' hackers to stop meddling with his social media accounts
Earlier, the social media account of Leeteuk's dog, Shim Koong, was also reportedly compromised by hackers (xxteukxx/Instagram)

K-pop idol Leeteuk is facing new privacy troubles recently, as it looks like someone is trying to hack his Instagram account. Despite Leeteuk's appreciation in the K-pop industry and with very little controversy to his name, it hasn't stopped a certain hacker from messing with his social media and creating increasing stress for the singer. 

Leetek posted two screenshots on his Instagram which revealed he got notifications once every few hours on Twitter that someone was attempting to gain access to his account. The caption for his latest post is in Korean, but according to Allkpop, the singer pleaded for the hackers to stop. "Please don't try to hack into my account," he said, adding another note that shows his emotional turmoil: "I'm begging you. How many times do I have to ask." 


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South Korean singer-songwriter Leeteuk (xxteukxx Instagram)


Currently, the hackers haven't given any reasons why they are doing this to Leeteuk and haven't made their intentions public in any way, but it still spells trouble and hopefully, Leeteuk and his agency can put a stop to it as soon as possible.

This is not the first time Leeteuk has been a victim of an invasion of privacy. In May, the singer revealed that not only was his account facing trouble caused by hackers, but so was the account of his dog, Shim Koong. He wrote, “Why on earth are you hacking Koong’s Instagram account? Please, at least leave Koong alone. Please," according to Soompi.


About Leeteuk

Leeteuk is a multi-talented South Korean singer-songwriter with an impressive resume that also includes being a presenter, radio personality and actor. He was discovered by SM Entertainment when he was sixteen years old and became a trainee at SM Entertainment's Starlight Academy. He debuted as a member of the popular boy group Super Junior in 2005 after five years of training, and since then, Leeteuk also further participated in the agency's projects Super Junior-T and Super Junior-H.

Fan reactions

The hackers' actions have drawn the ire of fans. "Stop hacking" says a fan in the comments with several fire emojis while another writes, "Leave him alone!! Don't disturb." One fan said, "Seriously... What's wrong with the humans omg." Another expressed, "Whoever doing this, please just leave him alone! Get a life!"

Some fans say that it may be organizations trying to get people to install apps, but this is speculation. Either way, the ongoing hacking attempts are unfair on the singer who's clearly had enough of it.

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