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'Sunny' Episode 3 Preview: Suzie Sakamoto and Sunny to make a startling discovery

Suspicious of her husband's work at Imatech, Suzie Sakamoto will pair up with Sunny to discover the truth
Grappling with her family's disappearance, Suzie Sakamoto embarks on a mission to discover the truth in 'Sunny' (@appletv+)
Grappling with her family's disappearance, Suzie Sakamoto embarks on a mission to discover the truth in 'Sunny' (@appletv+)

Contains spoilers for 'Sunny'

KYOTO, JAPAN: Apple TV+'s latest mystery series 'Sunny' introduces an engaging plot centered on Suzie Sakamoto (Rashida Jones), who finds solace in a domestic robot named Sunny (Joanna Sotomura) after her husband and son mysteriously disappear.

The series premiered with two episodes on Wednesday, July 10, 2024, setting the stage for an intriguing watch in the weeks to come.

What happened in 'Sunny' Episode 2?

Rashida Jones as Suzie Sakamoto in 'Sunny' (@appletv+)
Rashida Jones as Suzie Sakamoto in 'Sunny' (@appletv+)

Initially trying to get rid of Sunny in Episode 1, Suzie eventually grows accustomed to its presence.

When Mixxy (Annie the clumsy) mentions that robots can be hacked using a manual, she visits a local shop to inquire about it.

The man in the shop tells her that Sunny is a very advanced version of a standard robot. All the files in its memory are locked and it is constantly updating.

When Suzie asks about the manual, the man seems hesitant, claiming it doesn't exist.  However, his grandchild later hints to Suzie about 'The Dark Manual' without giving any further details.

Trying to uncover what Masa is hiding, she searches through his belongings and even breaks into his office.

However, she is shocked to see that the division where Masa (Hidetoshi Nishijima) worked has now been shut down and the blood marks have also been washed off.

Back at home, another robot pretending to be from the airline delivers Masa's shoes to Sunny. This robot was sent by a suspicious man to read Sunny's code.

Later that night, Sunny experiences a flashback from Masa's office where someone was killed and the team was trying to cover up the incident.

What to expect in 'Sunny' Episode 3?

Rashida Jones as Suzie Sakamoto in 'Sunny' (@appletv+)
A still from 'Sunny' (@appletv+)

In the next episode, we expect Suzie to continue her search for the truth. She is aware that a manual exists and suspects that Masa probably knew about it.

After the local shop owner refuses to help, Suzie will meet Mixxy to learn more about how she got her home robot hacked.

Meanwhile, she will continue to grapple with the disappearance of her husband and son while Sunny will make further attempts at comforting her and help her get to the bottom of the truth.

The official synopsis for 'Sunny' Episode 3 reads, "Suzie, Sunny and Mixxy make a discovery. Noriko pressures Suzie to have a proper funeral for Masa."

When will 'Sunny' Episode 3 release?

annie the clumsy in 'Sunny' (@appletv+)
A still from 'Sunny' (@appletv+)

After the debut with two episodes, 'Sunny' will follow a weekly release pattern.

'Sunny' Episode 3 is titled 'Mmmm, Hinoki' and it will have a runtime of 29 minutes. It will be released on Apple TV+ on Wednesday, July 17, 2024.

Two episodes of 'Sunny' are currently available to stream on Apple TV+.