Dreamcatcher' 'Summer Holiday': Release date, concept and all about their twisted summer album

Known for their fierce releases, K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher spins their take on their latest summer album with 'Summer Holiday'

                            Dreamcatcher' 'Summer Holiday': Release date, concept and all about their twisted summer album
Dreamcatcher for 'Summer Holiday' (@hf_dreamcatcher/Twitter)

Known for their intense, trap-rock songs, Dreamcatcher continues to wow their listeners with album after album. Even the concepts for their comebacks are usually dark and mysterious, perfect for the style of songs they do. So, when Dreamcatcher announced that they were having a summer comeback, fans knew that they wouldn’t go the traditional route with a peppy, bubblegum-pop song.

Early on, in January, the K-pop girl group released their sixth EP, ‘Dystopia: Road to Utopia’. Featuring ‘Odd Eye’ as the title song, as the name suggested, the album was full of energetic songs of the synthpop-trap genre that the girls have perfected. With an August lineup of summery and upbeat comebacks, Dreamcatcher is definitely going to stand out with their seventh EP ‘Summer Holiday’.

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Dreamcatcher for 'Summer Holiday' (@hf_dreamcatcher/Twitter)

Release date

Dreamcatcher’s ‘Summer Holiday’ was released on July 30 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET).

How to listen

The album was released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.



1. 'Intro'
2. 'BEcause' - Title track
3. 'Airplane'
4. 'Whistle'
5. 'Alldaylong'
6. 'A Heart of Sunflower'

Siyeon was in charge of the making of the chorus in 'BEcause' and 'Airplane'. Yoohyeon also participated in the making of the chorus for 'Whistle'. For 'Alldaylong', JiU co-wrote the lyrics and participated in the composition while Yoohyeon worked on the chorus. Along with their usual trap songs, ‘Airplane’ is a change of pace with tropical-pop sounds perfect for the summer while ‘Alldaylong’ takes a jazzy route. The album ends with ‘A Heart of Sunflower’ which is a heartwrenching ballad.

Dreamcatcher for 'Summer Holiday' (@hf_dreamcatcher/Twitter)


The concepts for this album pleasantly surprised fans as they didn’t know what to expect from the girls’ summer release. The first set of teasers were deceptively cheerful with the girls chilling by the beach with a camper van. However, they return to their style with the remaining teasers that are dark and moody as the girls are dressed in ethereal gowns and black leather outfits.

Music video

The 'BEcause' music video does not disappoint, as it takes Dreamcatcher’s strengths and creates a creepy yet intriguing masterpiece as they sing about obsession disguised as love. Making use of mirrors as well as mirroring in costumes and sets, the girls’ doll-like visuals stand out in the dark music video. We can also see the use of fairy tales like 'Snow White', 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Pinocchio' as they make use of broken mirrors and forbidden apples, abandoned but eccentric locations and puppet-like moves in their choreography.

Watch the music video below.


'Hot girl summer'

Fans were excited as they tweeted, “THIS IS EVERYTHING IT JUST PERFECT THIS IS THEIR BESST MV.” One fan tweeted, “Handong didn't come to play.” Another tweeted, “RAPPER SUA IS BACK!!!.” One couldn’t get over Dami’s verse as they tweeted, “I’m sick.” Another tweeted, “Gahyeon is the main character.” One tweeted, “Whenever siyeon puts on a wig like this, the world collapses.” Another tweeted, about Yoohyeon, “She’s the cutest.” One tweeted, “Can we talk about how powerful jiu’s visual is.” Another joked about the summer release, “Insomnias getting ready for their hot girl summer comeback.”