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Florida couple booked for having oral sex in back of patrol car and they even PHONED A FRIEND!

Watkins yelled 'F–k Five-O!' in the OnlyFans video they recorded in the back of Florida Highway Patrol Troopers car
UPDATED NOV 24, 2021
Summer Watkins and Yordan Noa were arrested and charged for having oral sex in a cop car (Florida Highway Troopers)
Summer Watkins and Yordan Noa were arrested and charged for having oral sex in a cop car (Florida Highway Troopers)

A horny Florida couple acted on their urge for adventure while being escorted in a cop car. They were busted for having oral sex in the vehicle. An arrest warrant states Watkins asked an officer twice if she could "suck d*ck back here." The couple went ahead with the act, FaceTimed a friend, and even recorded the act despite being told not to. 

In the past, we've reported on similar incidents, including the time an ex-soldier was arrested for indecent behavior while virtually visiting her boyfriend in jail. Florida woman Danielle Ferrero was caught exposing her breasts and masturbating during a visit with her inmate lover Cody Thomas. According to the police report, the duo, "frequently talked in a lewd manner speaking of sex, sexual organs, and sexual activities." Speaking of frisky business at a prison facility, corrections officer Tina Gonzalez from Fresno came under fire for having sex with an inmate while 11 others watched. During her sentencing, it was revealed she cut a hole in her uniform pants to make it easier for her to have sex.  A couple of months ago, 30-year-old Javonte Richardson, a guard at Miami prison was caught having sex with a female inmate, 15, in CCTV footage. A couple of years ago married 27-year-old correctional officer Sinead Nichole Hagan was seen having sex with multiple male prisoners.


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Summer Watkins yelled 'F*ck Five-O' while performing the sex act 

It all began when Florida Highway Patrol Troopers stopped Yordan Noa in the early hours of Tuesday for driving his black BMW on a suspended license. Watkins who was accompanying Noa was offered a ride to the nearest gas station by the cops. Noa was also put in the back of the FHP car and that's when Watkins is said to begin having ideas of recording a sex tape. "Baby, we should record an OnlyFans video back here," she allegedly told Noa, according to the arrest warrant. She then allegedly asked the cop, "What if I suck his d*ck back here?"

Trooper J.D. Perez-Moralez wrote in the warrant, "I told her that she could not do that." She then allegedly asked again, "Can I suck his d*ck back here?" The cop left the two alone in the car after quashing down Watkins' alleged idea for the second time. Upon reviewing the prisoner review footage later, Perez-Moralez wrote, “Shortly after I closed the door, Mr. Noa took his penis out of his shorts” and Watkins “bent down and began to perform oral sex." The cop's report further states Watkins “can be heard saying ‘f–k Five-O’ while giving oral sex” — while Noa filmed it on his phone, yelling, 'can ya’ll hear me? She’s sucking d–k in the back of a state trooper right now,'" the report said.

Noa then FaceTimed a friend where Watkins boasted, "I just sucked his d–k in the back of a police car,” Perez-Moralez's report said. The officer had dropped Watkins to the gas station but he went back to arrest her after checking the footage. She was taken in custody for lewd and lascivious behavior and breach of peace, both misdemeanors. Noa was arrested for driving on a suspended license, possession of a controlled substance, as well as indecent exposure in public, breach of peace, and lewd and lascivious behavior. Watkins was out of jail on a $1,000 bond shortly after the incident. Noa too made it out of jail soon after. Noa and Watkins are scheduled for arraignment on December 13 and 16 respectively.