Transgender killer caught 'romping' with inmate in women's jail moved back to all-male prison

Transgender killer caught 'romping' with inmate in women's jail moved back to all-male prison

A transgender murderer who had previously asked to be moved to a women's jail was caught having sex with another female convict. 23-year-old Kayleigh Woods was in the HMP Eastwood Park for just a matter of weeks before officials in the prison found her and another convict in a "state of undress".

Woods was serving a 26-year sentence for the brutal murder of her flatmate at the men-only HMP Hewell, close to Redditch, Worcestershire. Woods, who was formerly known as Kyle Lockwood, requested the transfer to Eastwood Park a little after arriving at the all-male prison in 2017. She did not have a Gender Recognition Certificate but the Transgender Case Board made the decision to put her in the female prison because her lack of sex offenses meant she did not pose much of a risk to female inmates, The Sun reported.

Woods and her then-boyfriend Jack Williams had murdered her flatmate  (Source: Warwickshire Police)

It wasn't very long, however, before Woods started a secret affair with another convict in the prison. Staff became suspicious after they found the pair together and had her case reported back to the TCB. A source told the publication: "Prison officers found one of the pair in a state of undress. A toilet seat had also been broken. It was pretty clear what they'd been up to." 

It has since been claimed that the prison's warden "went up the wall" when informed about the incident. Woods has been moved to HMP Garyree, Leicestershire, but it is still unclear if she will remain there.

Bethany Hill, the flatmate who was murdered (Source: Warwickshire Police)

In 2016, Woods and her then-boyfriend, 21-year-old Jack Williams, tied up their flatmate Bethany Hill by her wrists and then slashed her throat. She was found "drenched" in blood and had stab wounds to her neck. It was revealed that the pair practiced sadistic torture on a Barbie doll before they murdered Hill in Stratford-upon-Avon, West Midlands.


 It was reported last year that another trans convict, 52-year-old Karen White, had tricked prison officials just so that she could target females at the New Hall women's jail in West Yorks. White did not undertake gender reassignment and within just weeks of being transferred, molested her first inmate.

The practice Barbie doll used by Woods and Williams (Source: Warwickshire Police)

A spokesperson for the Prison Service said on Sunday, June 2, night: "The safety of all our prisoners is an absolute priority. While we work to manage all prisoners, including those who are transgender, sensitively and in line with the law, we can and will take action where their behavior provides cause for concern."

There are currently around 125 transgender prisoners in England and Wales, out of which 60 are currently sex offenders.


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