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'Summer House' Reunion: Paige slammed for jabs at Lindsay and Carl, fans say 'get rid of her'

It's rather ironic that Paige is the one to feel like she's at discomfort when in reality, there's a reason she's the least likeable among the rest
Paige DeSorbo from 'Summer House' (Instagram - @paige_desorbo)
Paige DeSorbo from 'Summer House' (Instagram - @paige_desorbo)

Part 1 of the 'Summer House' reunion episode was a lot harder to sit through than one can imagine, and why wouldn't it be? It was pretty obvious that host, Andy Cohen himself was quite uncomfortable at the several jabs the cast threw at one another. Intervention much on a reunion set? Not cool, guys!

Having said that, viewers seem to be having major hatred towards Paige DeSorbo, for a long list of reasons. For starters, she called the house "a brothel", whilst hinting at Lindsay Hubbard. What's more, she even made a snarky comment to Andy about feeling "uncomfortable" from where she was seated, saying the people on the couch sitting with her don't like her; jabs at Lindsay (yet again) and Carl Radke. Honestly, where does it end with this woman? 


'Summer House' Reunion: Paige justifies calling house 'a brothel' in jibe at Lindsay

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Viewers were not one to accept her outrageous behavior as one fan said, "#SummerHouse@BravoWWHL @Andy Paige thinks she so important that she stopped her Twitter account she’s so basic please get rid of her !", while another said, "So crazy that I was the biggest Paige fan ever and now I just want someone to knock that smug look off her stupid face #SummerHouse".

One fan tweeted, "Paige is coming off so badly that I almost think it’s so that they have a reason to bring her out of #summerhouse and into the southern charm world", while another shared, "Im only 30 minutes in to this #SummerHouse reunion but meangirl Paige has had a scowl on for 90% of it. Has she realized that she is not the star?". 





One fan tweeted, "I used to enjoy Paige, now she's the one giving off #meangirlvibes and I can't stand her! Craig is the only thing that makes her somewhat likeable. #summerhousereunion #SummerHouse #teamlindsey", while another said, "Paige is way to obvious with showing that she thinks she is better than everyone other than those she deems worthy of her friendship and causing the very clear divide in the girls. She thinks she’s at housewife level because she’s dating Andy’s fav guy in Bravo. #SummerHouse". 



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The reunion of Season 6 of 'Summer House' aired on Monday, at 9 pm, on Bravo. Stay tuned for part 2 next week!