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'Summer House' Preview: Why was Ciara riled up towards Danielle?

It's surprising how Ciara's anger issues somehow got directed to Danielle, instead of Lindsay
Ciara Miller and Danielle Olivera from 'Summer House' (@ciaramiller___, and @danielleolivera/Instagram)
Ciara Miller and Danielle Olivera from 'Summer House' (@ciaramiller___, and @danielleolivera/Instagram)

The recent episode of Season 6 of 'Summer House' was anything but pretty. In fact, things have gotten quite ugly between Ciara Miller, who clearly took the "wine and dine" aspect a tad too seriously, and Danielle Olivera. 

Miller was mad at Lindsay Hubbard for making out with Austen Kroll at Hubbard's recent birthday bash. Although Austen and Ciara were not in a relationship, the duo had more of a "situationship" during their time filming 'Winter House' in Vermont. So why did she lash out at Danielle instead?


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With due respect to the girl code, it was up to Danielle to choose a side, and quite naturally, she leaned towards Lindsay. So when things got out of hand, it didn't fully come by surprise when Ciara hurled a wine glass at her. Or did it? Let's not forget that it takes forever to mend a wine stain. Will that be the case with Ciara and Danielle's friendship too?

While there were several other ways Ciara could have addressed the situation, it seems like Danielle shouldn't have intervened. Her stepping in to defend her friend Lindsay is what had all hell break loose in the end. Viewers even got the shocking scene of their horrific fight, which resulted in the nurse throwing her wine glass at Danielle during dinner. Also, remember that Danielle telling Ciara to "sit the f--k down" when poring her heart out was not ideal; there's a time and place for everything. Danielle's response caused the flying wine glass incident, which also prompts one to ask: Does Ciara have anger issues?

Now that the overly dramatic showdown has come to an end, things are messy not just between Ciara and Lindsay, but also between Ciara and Danielle. To be fair, anyone would be mad at having things thrown at them, especially if all they did was stand up for a friend.  

From Ciara's perspective, the Austen-Lindsay situation really hurt her feelings, and so she took it out on Lindsay and Danielle. In hindsight, it's clear that Austen is the one who should've been on the receiving end.

While production had to eventually step in to have everyone calm down, the rest of the cast were in charge of cleaning up the mess.

While Danielle took a breather with Lindsay's help, Mya consoled Ciara, who immediately regretted her actions. "My emotions definitely got the best of me", she admitted, "And I should not have reacted that way. But I definitely reached my breaking point". 

Soon after, Ciara apologized to all her roommates that night. The next day, she told Danielle, "Me and Lindsay have our own s--t, but I don't want it to affect me and you". 

So that's where the two women stand. While things may seem partially okay between Ciara and Danielle, it might be a walking-on-eggshells situation between her and Lindsay.

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