Suitcase 'moving' on its own along NC highway leads to rescue of four puppies crammed inside

Suitcase 'moving' on its own along NC highway leads to rescue of four puppies crammed inside
The dogs were found inside a zippered suitcase (Guilford County Animal Services/ Facebook)

GUILFORD COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA: A blue suitcase was found moving on its own on the side of a North Carolina highway on Saturday, September 17. The peculiar sight eventually led to the rescue of four abandoned puppies who were found crammed into the suitcase. 

The suitcase was dumped on a road in Guilford County in North Carolina and was found completely zipped up. Guilford County Animal Services posted a photo of the four young dogs, which are mostly black with small white patches.


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Appreciating the effort of the rescuer, Guilford County Animal Services wrote on Facebook, "Shout out to all the Good Samaritans who take the time to help animals in need." The post continued, "These four puppies were found in this suitcase on the side of a road, with the case zippered except for one small part. The Good Sams saw the case moving and stopped." It then explained, "They were shocked as to what they found, and immediately brought them to the shelter. These puppies will now be medically evaluated and hopefully up for adoption or rescue soon. Thank you Good Sam's for saving four lives today!"


A spokesperson for Guilford County Animal Services, Stephen Carlson, said that the puppies, all four of which are females, are doing fine. However, the medical team stated that they are very under-socialized and will require foster-to-adopt homes with experienced caretakers before they can be put up for adoption. The four puppies, currently named Tumi, Samsonite, Stowaway and Carion, are settling into their new environment. However, “They will require lots of human interaction, affection and patience,” Carlson said.

In an earlier incident in February, a two-month-old puppy was rescued by good samaritans after being abused by her owner. The puppy was imperiled to "harsh and merciless remedy" and was discovered after two people heard her yelping. She caught the attention of a San Antonio Police Officer, who further contacted the City of San Antonio Animal Care Service officers to rescue Suki from the abuse and provide her shelter.

Many people adopted animals during the lockdown, the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services stated. However, many pets were abandoned and subjected to abuse as people struggled financially during the pandemic. Suki, the rescued pup, was one of the victims of abuse and was lodged in the no-kill shelter Animal Protection League of Texas after she was rescued. City of San Antonio Animal Care Services wrote on Facebook, “Suki longed for love but instead was met with harsh and cruel treatment.”

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