'Succession' Season 3 Episode 6: Kendall in trouble as fans call him 'sabotaged soul'

'What a frustratingly tense episode of #Succession Kendall is such an idiot,' said one of the fans on Twitter

                            'Succession' Season 3 Episode 6: Kendall in trouble as fans call him 'sabotaged soul'
Jeremy Strong as Kendall in 'Succession' Season 3 (HBO)

Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) loves getting into trouble. He has his way of mucking things effortlessly and in Episode 6 of 'Succession' Season 3, he not just loses his lawyer, Lisa (Sanaa Lathan) after blowing up against the authorities, but he also gets a harsh reality check from Tom (Matthew Macfayden) in the final few minutes of the episode. And all of this while the rest of the Roys sit down to pick the next POTUS.

It has been that sort of a journey for Kendall. First, he was burned by Shiv (Sarah Snook) who sent in a document ahead of his late-night show appearance, and his dad, Logan followed suit by putting him in his place. With Tom now telling him that he was a loser and a glutton for punishment with generous F-bombs, there's no telling how things will pan out for the implosive Roy.


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Fans felt this was just Kendall being Kendall. "Kendall is the most self-sabotaging soul I’ve ever seen #Succession," one of the fans tweeted. "Kendall wants to destroy his family so he doesn’t have to look inward. #Succession," one of the comments read. "I kept watching this season of #Succession and wondering why Kendall was acting like such an ass and annoying me and then I realized that this IS the real Kendall. The Kendall that we’d grown used to seeing in s2 and the second half of s1 was depressed defeated Kendall who+," seconded another fan.

His outburst against Lisa was something that came as good news for Kendall. "I am an attorney. I would retain another attorney to represent me especially if he or she is a subject matter expert. I most certainly would follow his or her advice. I know that Lisa is glad that she no longer represents #Kendall. @hbomax @HBO @succession #succession," one of the fans opined.

"What a frustratingly tense episode of #Succession Kendall is such an idiot, Shiv needs to stand up to Logan and Roman a lil bitch," a comment read. "I cannot stand a Kendall At this point I hope he gets F’d #Succession," a fan tweeted.








'Succession' Season 3 airs on Sundays at 9 pm ET on HBO.