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'Succession' Season 3 Episode 2: Will Gerri, Roman join Kendall after Logan's snub?

There are quite a few complications for Logan if Gerri indeed switches allegiances
UPDATED OCT 25, 2021
Roman and Gerri in 'Succession' (HBO)
Roman and Gerri in 'Succession' (HBO)

The final minutes of 'Succession' Season 3 gave a hint that Logan Roy (Brian Cox) might have made the mistake of gently snubbing Gerri (J.Cameron-Smith) especially after making her CEO of Waystar after Kendall (Jeremy Strong) lands an explosive blow on the family. In the second episode, Logan offers Shiv (Sarah Snook) the role of 'President' and while that may come as good news for the daughter, there is no denying that Logan may have rubbed off his former General Counsel the wrong way. 

It doesn't help the fact that she secretly enjoyed being CEO and with Roman (Kieran Culkin) by her side, it does appear that there might be a twist in the tale and she may just join Kendall. There are quite a few complications for Logan if Gerri indeed switches allegiances. Fans were of the same opinion on Twitter. "Logan really does not trust Gerri. With Gerri's earlier threat to Roman that she is a formidable enemy, this could get interesting. #Succession #SuccessionHBO" read one of the tweets.


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"Logan doesn't shake Gerri's hand. Ok then. #Succession #SuccessionHBO," one of the fans noticed. "Oh, Gerri IS the hazmat suit. Yeah, okay, but…no room under the bus for Gerri. #Succession," seconded another. "Omg they're gonna throw Gerri under the bus. Gerri's a national treasure and should be protected at all costs. This fucking family... #Succession," a fan wrote. "Logan going after Gerri and that’s how he loses Roman in his team when both Gerri and Roman join team Kendall. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT. I apologize in advance for the person I’m going to become #Succession #gerriroman," a tweet read.

"I still don’t quite get the ending with Logan and Shiv. Are they just planning to use Gerri as a scapegoat because that’s the vibe I got. #Succession," asked one of the fans. "The off-screen talk between Tom and Shiv is a Lil sus. I think there's a chance Shiv, Roman and Gerri can still turn on Logan and join Kendall leaving Connor the remaining Roy on Logan's side #Succession," read one of the comments.








'Succession' Season 3 airs on Sundays at 9 pm ET on HBO.