'Storage Wars' Season 14: Kenny bids on trash but still makes a profit

'Storage Wars' Season 14: Kenny bids on trash but still makes a profit
Kenny Crossley on 'Storage Wars' (A&E TV)

The season premiere of ‘Storage Wars’ just concluded on A&E and it was a war of bidding from the members of the show once again as they went head-to-head to buy some of the abandoned storage rooms.

In the first episode, we saw Barry Weiss returning and making a profit of a whopping $1,503. Meanwhile, Darrell went home with a profit of $284. But things got interesting in the second episode as we got to see four storage rooms going up for auction. Brandi joined Kenny this time around and looked at the first storage room as something that would be perfect for her because it had a lot of furniture items.



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The reality TV star got the storage room for $165 and started seeing how much it’s actually worth. She got a couple of really good pieces of furniture in there and a vintage musical music player. Those things excited Brandi and the value put on the storage room was around $2,500. So, Brandi becomes the first person to get a profit of over $2,000 this season.

However, it was Kenny who shocked everyone with some buys. Kenny bought three storage rooms in the episode and gave away $165 for the first one. Meanwhile, he gave away $25 each for the other two. When he opened the first storage room, it turned out to be absolute trash and Brandi felt that it was worth nothing. The second storage room turned out to be the same and gave him only a few bucks.

Kenny hoped that the third would bring him some luck and it actually did. He found a vintage recorder in that storage room, which looked pretty fine. Brandi also thought it would be worth something. So, they took it to someone who knows about the recorded and revealed that it is an iconic machine that was made in Belgium in the 1960s. He checks the machine and it worked fine. In the end, he told Kenny that the machine was worth $449. Kenny was really happy after knowing and made a profit of $740 in the episode.

The first two episodes of ‘Storage Wars’ Season 14 were really entertaining and we hope that we see more of Barry Weiss on the show. Also, I hope we get an amazing storage room that gets bidding of thousands of dollars.

‘Storage Wars’ returns to A&E with a new episode every Tuesday at 9 pm EST.


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