'Stop being mean': Alexia Nepola slammed by 'RHOM' fans for her retort to Adriana de Moura's accident analogy

'Stop being mean': Alexia Nepola slammed by 'RHOM' fans for her retort to Adriana de Moura's accident analogy
'RHOM' stars Alexia Nepola hit back at Adriana de Moura for comparing her 'fake' injury to her son's life-changing accident (@alexiae_says and @realadrianademoura/Instagram)

MIAMI, FLORIDA: The ladies are still in the Bahamas as they rent a tiny boat to take them to a private island in the most recent episode of 'The Real Housewives of Miami'. Adriana de Moura's use of a wheelchair due to an ankle problem makes the brief boat ride a little more challenging. It is an unspoken rule on the show that children should not be involved in their arguments. But Adriana went a bit far when she compared her minor ankle injury to the life-changing accident that Alexia's son Frankie had.


The ladies were rather dismissive and unconcerned toward Adriana right up until she draws the comparison. Earlier, Alexia took to Instagram to clap back at Adriana for her comment. “For anyone to use Frankie’s accident to compare or ‘connect’ their level of pain and suffering to what Frankie has endured is wrong,” Alexia wrote, adding, “ESPECIALLY when referring to a FAKE INJURY." But fans found Alexia's post to be mean-spirited and have slammed her for not giving Adriana a chance to explain.


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Alexia's retort to Adriana about her 'accidents have consequences' analogy

In the latest episode of 'RHOM', Adriana has had an injury that other housewives think is fake. So Adriana brought it up in the conversation. “Did anybody care that my foot almost got broken in 1,000 pieces?” a frustrated Adriana asked the other housewives. Alexia responded, “Why are you always a victim, Adriana? Like, why do you have to play the victim thing? Don’t do that. It was just an accident.” This was when things went south and Adriana compared her ankle injury to Alexia's son's accident and said, "I know, but accidents, you know, have consequences.” “As you know with Frankie,” she added. 

Alexia used an Instagram post to address Adriana's comments. While Alexia acknowledged that she and Adriana are on a reality show about drama, she added that there are boundaries. She wrote, "I am doing this post today because a topic on our show addresses Frankie and I want the truth to be told from my voice. In doing so, you’ve all witnessed some of my most vulnerable moments – and while I’m in a much better place, a huge part of my heart continues to ache. Frankie’s accident changed my life. I’ve shared my journey with Frankie on RHOM for years as much as I can emotionally, in hopes of inspiring others going through similar situations to remain positive and optimistic. For anyone to use Frankie’s accident to compare or “connect” their level of pain and suffering to what Frankie has endured is wrong ESPECIALLY when referring to a FAKE INJURY. We can fight on camera about nonsense like me not scrolling down or the men of our past until we’re blue in the face, but I draw the line at Frankie when intentionally you want to hurt me."



'Learn to have an adult conversation'

Viewers of the show thought that Alexia was being extra mean and just reacted without giving Adriana a chance to justify herself. One fan said, "Okay so she can say whatever she wants about everyone else but the second someone makes a comment on her life we're supposed to feel bad for her?"


Another one added, " Adriana was making an analogy. Alexia never let her finish what she was going to say, instead, she was so triggered by what an ass she made of herself with that Doctors personal life, that she attacked Adrianna. Stop deflecting with this bs and learn how to have an adult conversation without your theatrics. One more pointed out, "It's all about Alexia and her feelings, she never cares about anyone else."

The fans thought her post was not appropriate and she should think before reacting so strongly. One fan said, "Always victim alexia!!! She uses her son to manipulate fans to have sympathy for her. After her comments towards Russians, no one talked about it cause there was a scene with Frankie that was giving her positive light. Can’t stand this lady!" Another said, "Alexia got too big of a mouth. She trying to gain sympathy and hate for Adriana." One more user said, "She is the most malicious and aggressive with her tongue towards others, and refuse to apologize. but complains when others say stuff."


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 'Stop being mean': 'RHOM' fans slam Alexia for hitting back at Adriana for her accident analogy