Steven Crowder 'mocks' transwomen with old video on Women's Day, Internet brands him 'transphobic stereotype'

Crowder uploaded a hidden cam video from 2015 that showed him dressing as a woman and claiming to be transitioning while visiting Planet Fitness

                            Steven Crowder 'mocks' transwomen with old video on Women's Day, Internet brands him 'transphobic stereotype'
Conservative political commentator Steven Crowder is making headlines for the wrong comments (YouTube)

Conservative political commentator, Steven Crowder, re-uploaded an old "Louder with Crowder" video where he dressed up as a transwoman and went for a hidden cam prank at Planet Fitness. Crowder shared the video on International Women's Day mocking transwomen but was soon called out by social media for his transphobic content.

In the video, Crowder dresses up in women's gym clothes and a wig and visits a branch of Planet Fitness where he proceeds to use the equipment. In the video, as fellow gym-goers continue about their day, Crowder then proceeds to drop the weights, an act that triggers a siren.

This is a customary practice at Planet Fitness and is called the "Lunk Alarm", which goes off when someone drops a weight, slams weight, lifts loudly, or anything along those lines. According to Crowder's original video uploaded to YouTube, Crowder was aware of the Lunk Alarm.


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Later in the video, Crowder says he was flagged as a "lunk" on the first day at the gym. he also said that he was officially banned from Planet Fitness, and when he tried to visit another branch, he realized he was already flagged there. The video then shows a Planet Fitness employee refusing Crowder access, saying, "I know who you are, Steven."

Steven Crowder (YouTube)

Crowder also tweeted more inflammatory statements, writing in one, "Happy #InternationalWomensDay to all the beautiful and brave TransWomen of Saudi Arabia!" and in another, "So you're a man and you want to wear a dress? Fine. You want to wear make-up? Fine. You want to change your name? Fine. You want to play in women's sports? Nope. Puberty blockers for kids? Haha."




Many took to social media to call out Crowder, with one tweeting, "The point of that Steven Crowder crossdressing video was to post cringe SJW reactions or whatever so it’s weird that he’d still upload it when he was the only person acting even remotely weird and everyone else handled his bullshit pretty calmly."

Another wrote, "steven crowder enters a gym disguised as a trans woman to expose how trans people don't fit in with 'normal people', accidentally demonstrates that almost nobody gives a shit and has to literally start throwing weights around like a child to instigate mild conflict."





Planet Fitness unveils a brand new mini Planet Fitness within the Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena on November 7, 2016, in Pasadena, California (Getty Images)

A user tweeted, "Steven Crowder having to face the fact everyone knows he's a sexually abusive piece of shit to transwomen now as he dressed like them to mock them on youtube is so on the nose and ultimately humiliating, I just gotta laugh. He really just, abused a group of people and mocked them."

Another shared, "This is legitimately really pretty sad. He became a madeup transphobic stereotype to prove a point, couldn’t prove the point, got banned for being a dick to others & when he tried again, that poor manager at the door knew who he was and was just clearly too tired to deal with him."




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