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Bride's stepmother slammed for wearing white LACE DRESS and black booties to wedding

The picture of the stepmother at the wedding was shared on Reddit and ignited a fierce debate
Bride's stepmother dressed up in white lace dress (screenshot/Reddit)
Bride's stepmother dressed up in white lace dress (screenshot/Reddit)

A bride's stepmother who showed up in a white lace dress and black booties at the wedding function has ignited a fierce debate online. The unnamed stepmother was slammed online when her choice of outfit and shoes was shared on Reddit forum 'Wedding Shaming'. On the other hand, half the viewers could not stop talking about her black booties. In fact, the footwear was what they noticed first as it pops against the contrasting vibrant green grass. 

An image that shows the newly wed couple and the unnamed woman (apparently the step-mother of the bride) was shared online. Later, the same image was reshared on the Reddit page. It is safe to assume that the bride was cheesed off. 


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This post was captioned, "The face you make when you realize your stepmother is wearing a white lace dress to your wedding." Is this stepmother facing backlash from netizens for her dress or her shoes OR BOTH? The Reddit user that shared this, u/apejsnfhre, noticed that most netizens were outraged by the woman's choice of shoes and did not actually pay much attention to her outfit. Some could not decide what was worse, wearing a white dress to a wedding where you are not the bride or those type of shoes. 

Here are some reactions and comments via Reddit

A user said, "I guess it’s possible something went wrong with her shoes (broken heel or strap or something) and this was all she had to change into. But if that happened to me I’d ask to have the picture taken without my boots showing!" Well, that's a logical argument, isn't it?


Another said, "Lol that happened to me too!! Noticed the boots first, thought “ehhh something about those boots make them stand out a bit too much”, probably because they didn’t fit the overall lush, green grass setting. Then I realized the dress, and thought “oh shit, that’s what this is about. Okay, I get the post now”


Someone expressed what the bride may be feeling and said, "She looks awful. The shoes and dress look cheap! Bride is fine but I bet she's salty about the attempt even if it failed."


Comparing this situation to their struggles, one user said, "I mean, I finally just got my doc martens broken in and I’m wearing them to a conference for work because it’s difficult to find shoes I can wear for an extended amount of time and not have massive foot pain. But a garden wedding with a designer dress? Yeah I’m going to find another solution."