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Stefanie Gurzanski net worth: OnlyFans star alleges sex assault by millionaire ex

Stefanie Gurzanski claimed Stephen Cloobeck gifted her $70,000 shoes as 'peace offering' after sex assault
UPDATED SEP 10, 2021
Only Fans star Stefanie Gurzanski was previously sued by her ex Stephen Cloobeck (Instagram)
Only Fans star Stefanie Gurzanski was previously sued by her ex Stephen Cloobeck (Instagram)

Amid her ongoing legal battle with multi-millionaire ex Stephen Cloobeck, OnlyFans star Stefanie Gurzanski has brought forth a shocking allegation of sexual assault, followed by a hefty price tag to keep quiet. In a new lawsuit, Gurzanski alleges that Cloobeck sexually assaulted her on the first day of their meeting and later gifted her a pair of $70,000 Louboutin shoes on Rodeo Drive, as a "peace offering". The adult star, who is popular as Baby G on OnlyFans, made the claim in a $16 million countersuit of sexual assault and defamation against Cloobeck.

According to court documents, the alleged sexual assault happened during lunch at Cloobeck's home in July 2020. "Cloobeck, without permission or consent, proceeded to stand up, forcibly grab Ms Gurzanski, pull up her dress and put his head between her legs and sexually assault Ms Gurzanski without her consent," the records state. It further adds, "The following day, Cloobeck contacted Ms. Gurzanski and told her that he wanted to take her shopping on Rodeo Drive as a peace offering. In the end Cloobeck… purchased and gifted approximately $70,000 worth of shoes to Ms. Gurzanski. Throughout the rest of the shopping trip, Cloobeck purchased thousands upon thousands of dollars of gifts for Ms. Gurzanski. Cloobeck acted kindly and with courtesy, and Ms. Gurzanski convinced herself that he had become a new man," claimed the OnlyFans star's legal team. 


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Cloobeck, a 59-year-old Las Vegas business mogul, has previously sued Gurzanski with the allegations that she swindled him for expensive gifts throughout the course of their relationship. For the five months they dated, Gurzanski allegedly used Cloobeck's Beverly Hills mansion and private jet improperly for nude photoshoots.

Meanwhile, Gurzanski alleges in the countersuit that Cloobeck nagged her to stop appearing on OnlyFans until she broke up with him. She further accuses the millionaire of harassing her with phone calls and texts while threatening to bankrupt her with lawsuits and destroy her life. He also threatened to seek political favors and derail Gurzanski's attempt to secure a green card, since she is a Canadian citizen. Eventually, she was forced to take out a restraining order against him. 

She further sued him for defamation as Cloobeck allegedly referred to her as "an illegal sex worker" to her building manager. In fact, in his March 2021 suit, he claimed that Gurzanski duped him into believing she was a "legitimate fashion model". "Her unauthorized use of these assets, and wide distribution of their representations over the internet, endangers a reputation Cloobeck spent a lifetime building as a successful businessman, philanthropist and donor to politicians, who like Cloobeck would frown on any association with pornography,” his suit mentioned.


The 1994-born model and influencer rose to fame in Canada as an Instagram star, vlogger and TV personality. A native of Ontario, Gurzanski is a rising star in the country for her modeling work with top brands like Vogue, Maxim, Playboy, Chanel and others. In 2020, she also appeared in the TV series 'Bella Thorne: Stupid F***ing B***h'. 

Currently based in USA, Gurzanski shot to the limelight in the recent past over her legal battle with Stephen Cloobeck. The 25-year-old is believed to have a net worth of around $3-4 million, a substantial part of which has been amassed through her OnlyFans account. 

With Gurzanski's countersuit now in question, the ongoing court battle with Cloobeck can take an entirely new direction.