Who is Stefanie Gurzanski? OnlyFans model sued by millionaire ex over NUDE pictures and gifts worth $1.3 million

Stephen J Cloobeck, a timeshare tycoon, alleged she made up to $185,000 in unauthorized charges on his American Express account

                            Who is Stefanie Gurzanski? OnlyFans model sued by millionaire ex over NUDE pictures and gifts worth $1.3 million
Stefanie Gurzanski has been accused by her millionaire ex-boyfriend of conning him (Instagram)

Instagram influencer and model Stefanie Gurzanski, 26, is being sued by her former millionaire boyfriend Stephen J Cloobeck for allegedly taking gifts worth $1.3 million by deceiving him. The CEO and chairman of Diamond Resort Internationals has claimed she "secretly" took nudes of herself, pictures of his mansions and jets to sell on her OnlyFans account. 

The 59-year-old reportedly called his much-younger former girlfriend a "con artist" in the lawsuit he filed on Monday, March 8, in a Los Angeles Superior Court. Cloobeck is also said to have filed for a restraining order against the Instagram star after making the allegations. 


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Who is Stefanie Gurzanski?

Gurzanski was born in 1994 in Ontario, Canada. She is popular for her explicit pictures on Instagram and nudes on her Onlyfans account. According to Biography Tribune, she began modeling during her high school years and did her first nude photo shoot for Playboy Plus magazine when she was 17. She is said to have become Playmate of the Month for the Venezuela issue of the magazine in 2016. 

The report also identifies Gurzanski as a writer. Talking about her erotica writing she reportedly said, "I’ve always loved to write. About all kinds of things, but right now my focus is on erotica. I think that the written word is so sexy – I want to write the next Fifty Shades."

She boasts about 1.8 million followers on Instagram and often shares racy pictures with her followers. Her bio reads, "More self love". She is allegedly worth $200,000. 



What are the allegations against Gurzanski?

Apart from accusing Gurzanski of milking him for millions, Cloobeck has also claimed she lied to him about being a legitimate model using morphed pictures from fashion shoots and by getting her picture placed on the covers of foreign magazines. His complaint further states that he lived with the impression that Gurzanski was looking for a long-term relationship when she "professed her love" for him. But eventually realized he was "using him for his money while selling nudes on OnlyFans without his knowledge."

"In one of the most egregious, but by no means only, examples of this disrespectful intrusion into Cloobeck's private life, Gurzanski posed topless wearing a yarmulke from his son's bar mitzvah," the complaint states. Cloobeck is suing his ex-girlfriend for tampering with his reputation by invading his privacy. 

"Many of the OnlyFans and social media photographs published by Gurzanski feature Cloobeck's fixtures, furnishings, and luxury goods," the restraining order claims. It also says she "secretly posed in the nude while Cloobeck's teenage daughter and staff were in the house."


Gurzanski accused of unauthorized credit card transactions

The influencer is also facing charges of unauthorized transactions on Cloobeck's credit card. The court documents state Gurzanski made purchases worth $26,323.80 when he had offered his credit card to buy Louis Vuitton worth $2,120. "Gurzanski also used Cloobeck's credit card to purchase over 100 bikinis and items of lingerie, which she then used as props in her pornographic OnlyFans posts," the complaint reads.

It further claims that she dumped the business tycoon, allegedly worth $100 million, after charging more than $72000 to his credit card and another $1,800 on caviar. Cloobeck alleges that she made up to $185,000 in unauthorized charges on his American Express account.

Cloobeck has said the expenses for her lavish birthday party at El Dorado Beach Club in Cabo San Lucas included "$7,000 on caviar, as well as buying 80 bottles of Domaine Ott wine and 12 bottles of Don Julio 1942 tequila" along with "swag bags" worth $13,000 for her friends. The customized items reportedly had her nickname 'Baby G AF' embossed on them.


Gurzanski claims Cloobeck 'threatened' her

A temporary restraining order was granted to Gurzanski against Cloobeck in January. She claimed, "Stephen has made it very clear that unless I return to our relationship, he will continue to threaten and harass me and attempt to ruin my life. I feel he is acting in an irrational manner."

Reportedly, she also established that she was the one to call quits on their relationship, as he insisted she stopped posting pictures on her Onlyfans account. She claims to have told him, "told him that I was going to keep doing my work as it is a source of income.'' 

Meanwhile, Cloobeck has alleged that she demanded a $7 million mansion and $2 million in cash when he asked her to take down all her images from the site. 

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