Starbucks to shut down popular New Orleans outlet due to security concerns amid rising 'racism' incidents

Starbucks to shut down popular New Orleans outlet due to security concerns amid rising 'racism' incidents
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NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA: Starbucks has said it is closing one of its New Orleans cafes due to racism and other issues, without explaining anything more about the problems. The cafe is located at 700 Canal St and will shut down indefinitely on October 3, 2022, due to numerous issues plaguing it. "Our stores are windows into America, and every day, our partners witness the challenges facing our communities – challenges to personal safety and security, racism, a growing mental health crisis, and issues magnified by COVID," a Starbucks spokesperson said in a July letter obtained by 4WWL news.

"These challenges play out within our stores – affecting our partners, our communities, and our customers alike," the letter added. A series of incidents have allegedly been reported at the Canal street location. However, the specifics of these incidents have not been released, including the circumstances surrounding the 'racism'. It is unclear whether it was the cafe's staff or customers who were targeted during these racism incidents. 


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A Starbucks customer said they believe the company's decision to close its doors aims at prioritizing the safety of its employees. "I think security is a concern on everyone's mind," a customer told Fox 8. "If they're making this decision, I'm sure it's based on the safety of its customers, as well as their employees."

Tiffany Adlers, a jewelry store owner on Canal street, said there has been increasing criminal activities in the area, but her store has been safe, according to the Daily Mail. "Security is always a concern in the metropolitan area," Adlers said. "I believe that other metropolitan cities all over the county are having similar issues. We are trying to do the best for our merchants, our customers, and everybody should do their part to sort of self-police."

David Rubenstein, a clothing store owner, said a major issue plaguing the metropolitan street is the number of homeless people on the street either drinking or sleeping. “It’s not what people like to see,” Rubenstein told Fox 8. “It’s just a business decision. You have to make those kinds of decisions, but it’s not a black eye on the city. You have Starbucks a block away,” he added. 

The Downtown Development District of New Orleans said the closure of a national outlet in such a high-profile location was disappointing. “We are keenly aware that public safety is a top concern for our stakeholders,” the DDD said in a statement, pointing out that over half of their budget is being used for enhancing public safety. "

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