'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' fans gush about 'uplifting' ending of Episode 2

'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' fans gush about 'uplifting' ending of Episode 2
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Spoilers for 'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Episode 2

Episode 2 of 'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' is out on Paramount+ and the long-time fans are here to love it. Episode 1 gave us all the sci-fi we needed in life and fans are all for Episode 2 now. The new release of the series shows some chemistry of the cast in various group permutations and fulfilling the franchise’s promise to the letter: Seeking out new life and new civilizations and maybe giving them an unseen helping hand along the way.

Star trek, for a long time now, has had a huge fanbase that wait every year for its sequel to be released. Sure enough, with the new release, the franchise have managed to work up to all the hype providing the audience with a plot where they travel inot deep space visiting new realms in the universe.


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Some fans have quite a lot to say while some are still star-struck. "Star Trek Strange New Worlds Episode 1 really captured the hopeful tone of 90s Trek for me. I love how vibrant the sets and costumes are. The characters seem layered and their personalities stand out. I feel this is a crew you can both cry and laugh with. A damn good start!" said one. While, "This second episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds was so good. Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding) deserves! The entire roster of Star Trek shows continue to carry Paramount+ on their backs.", claimed another.



Other fans took to social media to give the rest some anecdotes on what to expect in the latest episode and the previous one. The show made its way pragmatically through its years and has now managed to have a loyal fanbase. The latest episodes of 'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' is something that is being raved about. Spoilers ahead for those that haven't watched it yet. One of them says, "In the first episode of Strange New Worlds, Captai Pike gives a quick history on the chaos of the 21st century. Tou see a quick shot of 1/6, which led to the 2ns Civil War and global catastrophe". Another pitched in with , "Star trek: Strange New Worlds 'Children of the Comet' is beautiful. Downtime with the crew. Uhura is a standoff with some musical payoff. Spock is a badass and he has a great point on math and music. Loved the ideas and themes this episode explored. Also..the end scene"



There was a gushing response and an overwhelming reaction to the franchise. One said "Gotta say, @StarTrek Strange New Worlds is pretty good two episodes in. The episodic “problem of the week” format is more familiar and works better (IMO) than the seasonal story arcs of other recent entries in the franchise. Good stuff!" Another added, "Strange New Worlds: episode 2. I loved this one, too. A classic Star Trek kind of mystery. A crew filled with likable people. An uplifting ending. I've missed this stuff so much." A third one pitched in "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is beyond fantastic. Back to the basics and classic Star Trek. @ansonmount as Captain Christopher Pike is the quintessential Starfleet Captain. The Enterprise is beautiful. Everything is perfect."





Catch the latest episode of 'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' on Paramount+ .


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