Stacey Abrams trolled for saying Georgia is 'worst state' to live in: 'Quite a sales pitch'

Stacey Abrams trolled for saying Georgia is 'worst state' to live in: 'Quite a sales pitch'
Stacey Abrams calls Georgia a worst place to live (Eze Amos/ Getty Images)

Former Georgia State Representative and 2022 Georgia gubernatorial election candidate Stacey Abrams is being trolled and criticized for calling Georgia "the worst state in the country to live". "I am tired of hearing about how we're the best state in the country to do business when we are the worst state in the country to live," she said in a speech at the Gwinnett Democrats' Bluetopia Gala in Norcross according to audio posted by Gwinnett Daily Post.

Abrams further went on to explain that she felt the state could do better on issues where they are ranked near the last in the nation."Let me contextualize; When you're number 48 for mental health, when we're number one for maternal mortality when you have an incarceration rate that's on the rise and wages that are on the decline, then you are not the number one place to live," she said. "Georgia is capable of greatness, but we need greatness to be in our governor's office. We need someone who actually believes in bringing all of us in there together", she further said. Abrams ran a failed gubernatorial campaign against the present Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp in 2018. But, this time she aims at winning the campaign.


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Abrams, who owns two houses in Georgia wrote this tweet in response to her Republican rival, stated Kemp that he "doesn’t care" about Georgians. Abrams acknowledged her statement would be "politicized" and further explained that her state has lots of room for improvement on issues like mental health and incarceration. She tweeted, "GA may be #1 place for biz, but we’re #48 in mental health, #2 in uninsured. #1 in maternal mortality & new HIV cases, #9 in gun violence. For too many, Kemp’s Georgia doesn’t include them. Why? Because #KempDoesntCare As Governor, I’ll lead #OneGeorgia that’s #1 for all of us."



Abrams' tweet got different kinds of reactions Some users roasted her while some backed her. One Twitter user wrote: "How many mules did you help? I don't need the exact number... just a round down number." Another user wrote: "All you need to do is commit to legalizing weed and you will win this."





There was one user who wrote "Whatever one thinks about the state of Georgia, one thing is for certain Stacey Abrams would make it much much worse as governor".



Kemp responded on Twitter, Saturday, May 21 night, saying "Stacey Abrams may think differently, but I believe Georgia is the best state to live, work, and raise a family. And Marty, the girls, and I will work hard every day from now until November to keep it that way for four more years!"



To Kemp's tweet Curt Yeomans, senior reporter at Gwinett's Daily wrote, "Abrams also said Georgia may be the No. 1 state to do business, but is also “the worst state to live” in, before talking about quality of life issues". 



Matt Whitlock, Republican Communicator replied to Curt Yeomans tweet, "Our state is the worst! Vote for me!” Quite a sales pitch from @staceyabrams."


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