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Brian Kemp trolled for 'photo op' trip to Mexico border: 'I hope taxpayers didn’t pay for that stupid vest'

The Republican Georgia governor came in for a slamming after tweeting, 'Since the Vice President won’t visit our nation’s border to witness the crisis we’re facing, I decided to go myself'
Brian Kemp at the Mexico border (Twitter@GovKemp)
Brian Kemp at the Mexico border (Twitter@GovKemp)

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is getting slammed for a visit to the Mexico border, which many are saying was just for a "photo op". Kemp posted a picture on Twitter with the caption, "Just finished a boat tour of the Rio Grande to survey the border", to which one user responded, "Governor, is my map of Georgia inaccurate? I can't find the Rio Grande."

Kemp decided to have a surprise visit to the US-Mexico border after he felt that Vice President Kamala Harris, in-charge of the border issue, "won’t visit our nation’s border to witness the crisis we’re facing". The 57-year-old Republican tweeted, “Since the Vice President won’t visit our nation’s border to witness the crisis we’re facing, I decided to go myself.”


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Governor visits Rio Grande, users say for 'photo op'

Kemp took to social media to express his thoughts on the matter saying, "In Texas receiving a briefing from some of our Georgia National Guard troops. Good to see firsthand a section of the wall built under the Trump Administration." The governor added in a different tweet, "Today I went to TX to visit the GA National Guard troops on the southern border and witness the situation firsthand. There’s no sugarcoating it. This crisis requires immediate action. Joe Biden, VP Harris, and their administration have to step up."  



Netizens however were not very happy with his 'photo op' as they asked the governor if he had lost the map of Georgia. A user commented, "Its neat youre playing dressup and i assume you wanna run for president at some point, but you do know the state you lead is pretty far from the border?" Another added, "I just washed some pollen off my windshield here in Pennsylvania. What’s that? You don’t understand why I’m telling you something so completely meaningless? Well, now we’re even." Activist David Hogg wrote, "Let me fix that for you: “Just finished a boat tour that cost thousands of taxpayers dollars for me to travel almost 1000 miles outside of my state to visit a border. So I can play dress up wearing a silly vest for a Twitter photo because I’m an insecure, xenophobic “man”!"




Kemp has also drawn flak for 'wasting' taxpayers' money. Hogg in another tweet wrote: "Pictured “fiscally conservative” Georgia governor travels over 1000 miles to a border outside of his state using tax dollars to take a fucking Twitter photo. Your job is in Georgia, Governor not the southern border. Also I hope taxpayers didn’t pay for that stupid vest."

Author Bakari Sellers quipped, "Bruh, you’re in Jacksonville." Robert Garret Williams wrote, "What expertise to you have to offer in this matter? Why is the Gov of Georgia all the way in Texas? You have plenty to work on in your own yard...if you don't want the job I'm sure we can find someone who does."