Did SpotemGottem commit murder? Dallas cops say 'Again' hints he got away with it

Dallas cops suspect SpotemGottem has something to do with Reginald Agnew Jr's murder from last year and his song 'Again' hints that he pulled it off

                            Did SpotemGottem commit murder? Dallas cops say 'Again' hints he got away with it
Dallas cops suspect SpotemGottem was singing about killing someone and getting away with it in 'Again' (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Looks like the legal troubles of rapper SpotemGottem doesn’t seem to be ending as after getting arrested in July inside an Aventura, Florida, hotel room over breaking the gate of a parking garage, the Florida native is now believed to have come under the radar of Dallas Police Department.

The 19-year-old rapper, whose real name is Nehemiah Harden, is wanted for questioning in a case related to the murder of Reginald Agnew Jr. The latter was killed in 2020 after he was gunned down at a party at a local venue. The Dallas Police Department believes the teen rapper has valuable information regarding the murder of the individual. Speaking of crimes, a few rappers were recently arrested and made headlines. Hip-hop artists such as Polo G and Bandman Kevo were recently arrested whereas, 9lokkNine too made it to the news for the same reason. Atlanta rapper Metro Marrs, who is Migos’ label mate, was also detained recently for throwing $10K in the air during his graduation ceremony.
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Why are cops looking for SpotemGottem?

According to The Sun, Dallas Police Department revealed it to the publication that SpotemGottem apparently dropped hints about the homicide in one of his recent songs called ‘Again’. The song which was posted on Triller has the rapper spitting bars, “F**k the law and all you b***hes, they don't even know who did it." He also raps, “That n***a dead as s**t" and "won't see his dead a** again," however he doesn’t take the name of Reginald anywhere. The video of the song features the young rapper waving a gun while being surrounded by his circle, who can be seen holding stacks of money.
Shedding light on the same matter, Detective Patty Belew told Fox News 4 saying, “That is very bold. You know that is like stepping like ‘hey we did this and the police don’t even know who did it and we’re going to get away with murdering this young man'." While talking about Reginald, he further said, “He came here to participate in a party at Club Tropics, and as he was leaving, he was shot and gunned down in this parking lot”.





SpotemGottem’s legal troubles

The ‘Beat Box’ hitmaker is only 19 but already had a run-in with the law in July 2021 after he was arrested from a hotel while lying next to a semi-automatic rifle. According to authorities, the rapper faced several charges including aggravated assault with a firearm, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and accessory after the fact to a felony. The rapper was later granted bail on an $18,500 bond.

In June 2021, SpotemGottem was reportedly in a car with a bunch of his friends when they broke the gate at a parking garage located near 10th Street and Collins Avenue. The rapper reportedly pulled out a semi-automatic weapon over the $80 parking fee as reported by Local 10. The victim, who was working at the garage, revealed that four Dodge Chargers, colors white, green, gray, and burgundy, arrived at the establishment and parked and argued over the payment. SpotemGottem told the victim, “You know what it is” before fleeing from the scene. SpotemGottem was later taken into custody.


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