Dae Dae's crimes: Atlanta rapper denies chasing and stabbing 17-year-old girl at Dunkin' Donuts

In the shocking footage, the assailant can be seen pulling out a knife and swinging it several times at the girl

                            Dae Dae's crimes: Atlanta rapper denies chasing and stabbing 17-year-old girl at Dunkin' Donuts
Union City police have filed aggravated assault charges against Dae Dae but have not been able to locate him since the incident (Instagram/ @daedae)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Atlanta rapper, Marquavis Goolsby, who also goes by the name Dae Dae has been identified as a suspect in the December 2020 stabbing of a 17-year-old girl working at Dunkin' Donuts. The incident took place at Jonesboro Road on December 5, 2020, in south Fulton County. The teenage victim alleged that the incident followed after the 28-year-old rapper got upset that he couldn't "get what he wanted."

Reportedly, the rapper left the restaurant only to return later and start an argument with the employee, and the altercation got physical. Goolsby, 28, allegedly pulled out a knife and swung it several times at the girl. The incident was captured and posted to Instagram, showing a man with long braids swinging a knife at a Dunkin' Donuts employee. In a similar incident recently, rapper DaBaby and his entourage were detained in connection with a shooting at Miami beach on May 31. Rapper Lil Loaded was also incriminated in a case of manslaughter for the death of his friend, Khalil Walker months before his death.


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When police arrived they found the victim with a cut on her left arm but she declined medical treatment. Goolsby was nowhere to be found at the scene. Union City police filed aggravated assault charges against the rapper but have not been able to locate him since the incident.

Goolsby took to his Instagram to respond to the allegations and denied his involvement in the incident. Posting a video of the news report, the rapper wrote in the caption, "Anything To Slammer My Name Huh. They Would Wanna See Me Dead Or In Jail. It’s Crazy the Type Music I Drop Is Nun But Motivation Music They Treatin me Like A Mass Criminal. NOT EVEN Trippen Lawyer Paid Up And Ima Drop Faster On You Pussiess. Tell That. Stay Tune WATCHTHIS."


Dae Dae's criminal history

This is not the first account of Dae Dae's run-ins with the law. The rapper was arrested on stolen gun and drug charges in 2018, as reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution previously. Reportedly, Goolsby was in a Chevrolet Tahoe that was pulled over for speeding in Greene County. A spokesperson from the Greene sheriff’s office told the AJC at the time that when the deputies searched the car they found marijuana and a stolen gun. AJC reported that Goolsby denied having the knowledge that the gun was stolen.

Dae Dae is famously known for his 2016 song 'Wat U Mean (Aye Aye Aye),' which he remixed with Lil Yachty the same year. He also released an album with Atlanta producer London Tyler Holmes, aka London on da Track, in the same year. The said album featured an appearance by 21 Savage. 'Wat U Mean' has been streamed more than 54 million times on Spotify. Although hasn't produced any music since 2019, he has 214,000 subscribers on the platform.

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