Netflix 'Spoiled Brats': 5 things to know about Camille Lou, others from French film

Netflix 'Spoiled Brats': 5 things to know about Camille Lou, others from French film
A still from French comedy movie 'Spoiled Brats' (Netflix)

Netflix is set to expand its international catalogue by adding one of the most-anticipated French comedies, titled ‘Spoiled Brats’. The reason we say that it is an anticipated movie because the movie’s premise has made everyone intrigued.

The upcoming French movie revolves around a rich family who has everything in the world. However, the children of that family are taking this for granted and spending money on stupid things. The patriarch of the family sees that and tricks them in believing that they have lost all the family to teach them a lesson. After hearing that they have lost everything, they are forced to live like a commoner and see how real life works.



Netflix 'Spoiled Brats': 5 things to know about the French comedy movie

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The upcoming venture joins other French projects such as ‘The Swarm’, ‘Gangland’ and ‘Gone for Good’ that have done pretty well in recent times.

Apart from having an interesting premise, ‘Spoiled Brats’ also features a great cast that will tickle your funny bone. Let’s take a look at the cast.


Official poster of 'Spoiled Brats' (Netflix)


Camille Lou as Stella Bartek

Born on May 22, 1992, Camille Lou began her professional career as a musician and started her musical career under pseudonym Jimmie. Her father was a singer and guitarist for the group Paradoxe, thus she and her two older sisters were exposed to music at a young age. She began to sing and completed her first album ‘La Grande Aventure’, in pop-folk style.  She garnered her first acting role in 2012 with the French stage musical ‘1789: Les Amants de la Charite’.

On the other hand, she made her Television debut in 2018 with ‘Les Bracelets Rouges’. Since then, she has featured on projects such as ‘Maman a Tort’, ‘Le Bazar de la Charite’, and ‘Play’. In 2016, she took part in season 7 of the French version of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ partnered with Grégoire Lyonnet, finishing in second place.




Gerard Jugnot as Francis Bartek

One of the most influential names in the history French entertainment industry, Gerard Jugnot is known for his impeccable comedy timing and witty writing. He started his career as a writer and was the founder of the comedy club ‘Le Splendid’. The group adapted a lot of its stage classics into movie and were extremely successful in movies such as ‘Les Bronzes’, ‘Les Bronzes font du Ski’ and ‘Le Pere Noel est une Ordure’.

Jugnot gained international fame for his lead role in ‘Les Choristes’ in which he played Clément Mathieu. The veteran has worked in more than 120 projects with a career spanning over five decades. 


Gerard Jugnot (IMDb)


Louka Meliava as Alexandre Bartek

The young French actor has been a part of the entertainment industry since 2012 and acted in his first TV movie titled ‘Parle tout bas, si c'est d'amour’. However, he garnered a lot of recognition in 2014 after he was cast as Tristan in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and also acted in the movie ‘Breathe’.

Since then, he has been featured on projects like ‘One Wild Moment’, ‘Eternity’, ‘Unfaithful’ and ‘Love Bug’.





Artus as Philippe Bartek

Born on August 17, 1987, Artus is an actor-turned-writer who starred his professional career as a writer in 2013. His first major acting role also came in 2013 with TV series titled ‘What Ze Teuf’. After that series, Artus did a lot of cameo roles and supporting roles in ventures like ‘Safari Comedy Show’, and ‘Repas de Famille’. Since then, he had prominent roles in projects such as ‘Budapest’, ‘Girls with Balls’, ‘A Friendly Tale’, ‘Brutus vs Cesar’ and ‘Replay’.




Excited about ‘Spoiled Brats’? Catch the upcoming French comedy movie exclusively on Netflix on Friday, November 26.


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