Netflix 'Gone for Good' Full Cast List: Meet Finnegan Oldfield and others from French thriller

Netflix 'Gone for Good' Full Cast List: Meet Finnegan Oldfield and others from French thriller
A still from the French miniseries 'Gone for Good' (Netflix)

Netflix is expanding its international catalog by coming out with an engaging French miniseries titled ‘Gone for Good’. The series revolves around a man named Guillaume Lucchesi dealing with the tragic loss of his loved ones and trying to lead a normal life. Ten years later, he gets a chance to live his life to the fullest and feels that there is a ray of hope for him because of his girlfriend, Judith.

However, everything comes crashing down when Judith suddenly disappears during Lucchesi’s mother’s funeral. Lucchesi would have to go to extreme lengths to find her and in the process, will get to know about certain things that were kept secret from him by his family and friends.

The upcoming show seems to be another worthy addition to the streaming platform’s international catalog and would look to achieve the same level of success that shows like ‘Who Killed Sara?’, ‘Elite’, and ‘Dark’ have achieved in recent times.



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The first trailer for the series was pretty impressive and the actors look pretty determined to take viewers on a journey filled with a lot of mystery. So, let’s take a look at the cast of the upcoming French show.

Nailia Harzoune as Judith in 'Gone for Good' (Netflix)



Finnegan Oldfield as Guillaume Lucchesi

Born on January 10, 1991, Finnegan Oldfield has been a part of the French entertainment industry since 2003 and has appeared in several critically acclaimed projects. He made his acting debut by appearing in the TV movie ‘Atlantic Island’ and had a recurring role in the hit French series ‘La Commune’. After making a lot of cameo appearances in many ventures, Oldfield finally got a chance to be a part of the main cast of a movie titled ‘Les Cowboys’.

The movie turned out to be a huge success for him and made him earn his nomination at the prestigious Cesar Awards.




2016 was a landmark year for Oldfield as he gave back-to-back blockbuster movies and made himself a household name in France and other international territories as well. With movies like ‘Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story) and ‘Nocturama’, he evolved as an actor and gained wider prominence.

Meanwhile, 2017 solidified his place in the French industry after an extraordinary performance in the film ‘Marvin’. His performance as a gay actor who is struggling to do a theatre show about his childhood won many hearts and got him nominated in the Most Promising Actor category at the Cesar Awards. 


Nailia Harzoune as Judith

Born and brought up in the Bagneres-de-Bigorre region of France, Harzoune felt always attracted toward performing arts. She left her native region, where she grew up, to go to Paris, and took up dance and acting lessons. In 2008, she made her acting debut with the French TV series titled ‘The Little Murders of Agatha Christie’. Meanwhile, in 2009, she landed her first movie role in ‘Divorces’ by Valerie Guignabodet.

Since then, she has worked in movies and TV shows like ‘Geronimo’, ‘Made in France’, ‘Chouf’, ‘Myriam’s Choice’, ‘Nine Days in Winter’ and ‘The Grand Bazaar’. 




Garance Marillier as Sonia

Born on February 11, 1998, Marillier began her acting career at the tender age of 13 by playing Julia in the short movie ‘Junior’. The next year Garance appeared in the short movie ‘It’s Not a Cowboy Film’ in 2012 which was selected to be screened at Cannes Film Festival. She continued to star in short movies every year until she landed the lead role of Justine in the movie ‘Raw’. This was Marillier’s first major role in a feature film and garnered a lot of praise for her acting.

She was recently seen in the movie ‘Titane’ which had its world premiere at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. 




Nicolas Duvauchelle as Fred

Duvauchelle is one of the prominent names in the French entertainment industry and has given several award-worthy performances. His career started in 1999 with movies like ‘Beau Travail’ and ‘Trouble Every Day’. He received his first major role in 2003 when he was cast as Paul in the movie ‘Les Corps Impatients’. The actor received a lot of praise for his acting and was nominated in the Most Promising Actor category at the Cesar Awards.

Meanwhile, in 2011, his performance in ‘Polisse’ made him one of the biggest stars of the French industry and received Best Supporting Actor nominations at the Cesar Awards.

‘A Decent Man’, ‘The Endless River’, ‘Orpheline’ and ‘Let the Sunshine In’ are some of the projects he has worked on.




Excited about ‘Gone for Good’? Catch the exciting French thriller series only on Netflix on Friday, August 13. 


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