Who is Ashley Jacobs' husband Mike Appel? 'Southern Charm' star announces marriage and pregnancy

Who is Ashley Jacobs' husband Mike Appel? 'Southern Charm' star announces marriage and pregnancy
Ashley Jacobs and Mike Appel got engaged in March 2021 while they were out on a snowmobile ride in Park City, Utah (Instagram @appelagoodtime)

Former 'Southern Charm' star, Ashley Jacobs surprised her fans with two big announcements on June 11. Jacobs got engaged to Mike Appel in March 2021. Now, the actress revealed that the couple tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony and they are expecting a baby boy together.

Jacobs made the announcement on her Instagram handle by posting two pictures with her husband, Mike. "We’ve been keeping the biggest little secret and we are absolutely over the moon share our news!" she wrote. Jacobs, 36, and Appel, 40, had met in 2019 at a summer rooftop party in Jacobs' hometown of Santa Barbara, California. Jacobs previously dated Thomas Ravanel, 57, but the couple broke up after a year of dating in 2018. 


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Ashley Jacobs and Mike Appel (Instagram @ashleyhjacobs)


The couple told PEOPLE, "We’re having a baby! It’s wild how the universe works – our first child together is due the same day we met, two years ago! Baby boy coming in August." They further added that their baby boy is arriving in August. The couple also mentioned their plans of throwing a joint celebration party of the pregnancy and marriage in Kauai, Hawaii. "We are over the moon to be on this adventure together, as newlyweds,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs and Mike got engaged in March 2021 while they were out on a snowmobile ride in Park City, Utah and at the time she was already several months pregnant given her summer due date.  The pair decided to discreetly tie the knot in an intimate ceremony that took place recently, but she remained mum on a date or details of where it took place.

Jacobs told PEOPLE then, "After a year and half of dating, we can both agree that this adventure we're on together is just getting started. We're a great team and we can't wait for what's ahead! Buckle up!" 

Who is Mike Appel?

Mike Appel is the proprietor of Nnovate Studios which he runs with brother David Appel, he is additionally the fellow benefactor of Related Garments, which sells matching sets of socks and underwear. His clients are a portion of the top superstars in the Hollywood fraternity. The website description of Nnovate states: "Rooted in sustainability, we help brands connect with their customers while helping the planet. We specialize in branding, print, social experiential among many other things." 

The style fashioner dated the 'Southern Charm' star for one and a half years before popping the marriage question.

Mike Appel (Instagram @appelagoodtime)


In July 2019, Jacobs had opened up to 'Entertainment Tonight' about her relationship with 57-year-old Ravanel and had described it as being a 'dark' period in her life. At the time, she had shared, "I lost a lot of weight. I wasn’t taking care of myself mentally. I suffered from depression. It was extremely lonely because I didn’t have the support of my family, they were very disappointed in my decision."

Whereas Ravanel hinted she may have cheated in one of his social media interactions. He replied to a fan who asked what happened between them saying, "Infer from it what you will. There enough gossip here on Twitter![sic]." He also hinted toward Jacobs' possible betrayal when a fan asked what was it that he learned that has been so life-changing. Ravanel replied by quoting a few lines from Chicago's 1987 song, 'If She Would Have Been Faithful', "After 30 years I finally understand the lyrics from that wonderful Chicago tune: If she would have been faithful, if she could have been true, then I would have been cheated, I would have never known real love.” 

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