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'Southern Charm' Season 8: Fans pick sides as Olivia excludes Venita from oyster party

With tensions still running high between them, Venita was surprised that she was not invited to the oyster party, but Madison was
UPDATED JUL 29, 2022
Olivia Flowers on 'Southern Charm' (BRAVO)
Olivia Flowers on 'Southern Charm' (BRAVO)

Season 8 of 'Southern Charm' started with a bang, with Naomie and Kathryn going at it. And it looks like that kicked off quite a trend. This season, the drama seems to be continuously ongoing, with fights and feuds taking place one after the other.

The most recent one seems to be between Olivia and Venita, with the latter asking the former if she was racist during her birthday celebration. It looks like that statement rubbed Olivia the wrong way, seeing that she decided to not invite Venita to her oyster soiree.

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Venita seemed rather shocked that she was not invited, especially seeing that Madison was invited. Madison and Olivia hardly know each other and there is the added fact that Olivia is seeing Austen, Madison's ex. But Venita was quick to let it go. However, fans were torn between whose side they were on. Some of them were on Venita's side of the argument.

"Olivia I get you and Ventia have problems but let's be honest you didn't invite her because of who she is. Everyone else is invited but her and yet you had issues with the other girls too but that's ok but it's not ok for Venita  #Southerncharm" tweeted a fan. "I’ll say it- I feel bad for Venita. Bravo is clearly forcing her to “be the voice.” Meanwhile, Olivia has the chance to just entire avoid certain topics. While it is nice to just opt out of the hard things in life, it’s not exactly the wisest thing to do. #SouthernCharm" added another.



Others, however, called out the Venita plotline. "#SouthernCharm Why is Venita getting all this camera time ? Is Bravo sucking up due to all her racism claims ? She is not the star of this show,this is her 2nd season ???? I am over her !!! Everything is racism to her. Girl stop you are making mountains out of molehills." said another. "Why would Venita think she should be invited when she treated Olivia so badly the two times she saw her? Venita, you called her a racist & you questioned why Madison invited them to her birthday party! Stop calling people racist for starts!! #SouthernCharm" added another. "Venita is a typical millennial. She assumed Olivia who she never met is racist and vocally said she has to answer her question. It's not how you speak to a stranger. I shocked she's shocked Olivia left her off the invite list. She has such poor manners. #SouthernCharm" said a fan.




'Southern Charm' Season 8 airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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