Netflix 'So Not Worth It': Air time, how to live stream and trailer of K-drama

Netflix 'So Not Worth It': Air time, how to live stream and trailer of K-drama
'So Not Worth It' follows the lives and adventures of a group of students at a university in South Korea (Netflix)

Looking for a feel-good K-drama to binge on that's sure to have you laughing? 'So Not Worth It' is definitely worth checking out! Netflix's newest series follows the lives of a group of friends, all from different backgrounds as they deal with each other, university and more!

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Air date and how to live stream

'So Not Worth It' premieres on June 18 and can be streamed on Netflix.


A fun, light-hearted series, 'So Not Worth It' follows the lives and adventures (or misadventures) of a group of students at a university in South Korea. With each of them coming from different backgrounds, each one has their own story as they navigate through university life together. 

As per the official synopsis -- Here's everything about the college lives of those who saying "everything is SO NOT WORTH IT," but can't miss out on their love and friendship! While struggling to get through their everyday life, Se-wan and her friends live in an international dorm full of laughter and tears.


Se-wan is a dormitory assistant with great survival skills who doesn't waste a second of her life; Jamie is a Korean-American hiding a mysterious identity behind his handsome face; Sam is a cute but jealous soul full of bluff and bluster; Minnie is a Thai girl who loves K-drama and good-looking guys; Hyun-min is a clingy one staying in the international dorm unallowed; Terris is a casanova from Trinidad and Tobago; Carson is an American with a temper waiting for her boyfriend to complete military service and Hans is a boy from Sweden who sticks by his principles and values manners.



Park Se-wan

Park Se-wan is a Korean actress who made her television acting debut in 'The Red Teacher'. Some of her other works include 'School 2017', 'I'm Not a Robot, 'Just Dance', 'Joseon Survival Period', and 'Never Twice'. 'School 2017' was her first lead role.



Shin Hyun-seung

An up-and-coming actor, Shin Hyun-seung has appeared in two series so far, 'So Not Worth It' and 'Be My Boyfriend'.





Nicha Yontararak who goes by her nickname, Minnie, is a Thai singer, songwriter and actress. She is the main vocalist of girl group (G)I-DLE. 'So Not Worth It' is Minnie's acting debut. 



Han Hyun-min

Han Hyun-min is a model and actor and is the first Korean model of African descent to walk the runways in South Korea and internationally. Hyun-min was recognized via his Instagram and later signed on by an agency. 



Choi Young-jae
Choi Young-jae, who is professionally known as Youngjae, is a singer-songwriter and actor. He is the main vocalist of the boy group Got7. He is the group's main vocalist and has worked on several solo projects, such as the soundtrack 'Pop Star' for the popular web series 'So I Married the Anti-fan'.






Kwon Ik-joon

Kwon Ik-joon is the director of the show. Some of his other works include 'All My Love' and 'High Kick!' for which he was the producer.


Apart from Ik-joon, Baik Ji-hyun and Seo Eun-jung are episodic writers of the show.


A coming-of-age comedy, 'So Not Worth It' follows the lives of international students, who are staying together in a university dorm in South Korea. With each person bringing their own flair to the table, sparks are sure to fly, while personalities clash!

The caption shared with the trailer reads -- "Different nationalities, same ridiculousness! Life might as well be a sitcom! Students from around the world dealing with all the chaos!"



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