'So I Went To Cancun' trends: Ted Cruz's office defends trip, says he 'warned Texans to take storm seriously'

'Before the storms hit, Senator Cruz spoke with a meteorologist about the seriousness of the projected storms,' Ted Cruz's office said in a statement

                            'So I Went To Cancun' trends: Ted Cruz's office defends trip, says he 'warned Texans to take storm seriously'
Senator Ted Cruz traveled to Cancun in South Mexico when Texas was suffering from dire consequences of the winter storm (Getty Images)

It seems that people are not likely to let Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX) forget the fact that he chose to join his family for a vacation in Cancun, Mexico, at a time when people of his state were experiencing one of the worst winter storms in history, leaving millions without food, water or electricity, and a mounting death toll. #SoIWentToCancun was trending late on Sunday, February 21. 

The hashtag started trending after things were made worse by the statement given to CBS' Face The Nation by Cruz's office regarding his trip on Saturday. "Before the storms hit, Senator Cruz spoke with a meteorologist about the seriousness of the projected storms. Senator Cruz connected the meteorologist to Governor Abbott, and warned Texans early on to take the storm seriously," the statement read. 


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Memes and GIFs flooded Twitter after the statement went viral of a post by Vox journalist Aaron Rupar. 



"I've always secretly envied Chris Christie's world record for Political Tone-Deafness, #SoIWentToCancun," one of them said, while another wrote, "#SoIWentToCancun and got called out. So I came back for a volunteer photo op just like Paul Ryan did, and got called out for that too." A third noted, "#SoIWentToCancun and while I was gone, AOC did my job better than I ever could. #TedFledTexas." One more commented, "#SoIWentToCancun because that’s where you go after you get away with inciting an insurrection on the United States of America’s Capitol."

A digital billboard truck with an image of US Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX) sits in a parking lot near Senator Cruz's home on February 19, 2021, in Houston, Texas (Getty Images)


The next remarked, "Another thr#SoIWentToCancun and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!" One more added, "#SoIWentToCancun and I came back still Ted Cruz. The creepy senator from Texas." Another stated, "I was hoping to see topless señoritas at the beach, but I had to go fly back to Texas because I got busted. Ted Cruz #SoIWentToCancun"

A commenter tweeted, " 'I failed at overthrowing the government for a guy who called my wife ugly and said my dad killed JFK. Also, my kids cringe at my touch and I used to be the zodiac killer. #SoIWentToCancun' - @tedcruz"

A user reacted with, "#SoIWentToCancun and blamed my choice to do so on my daughters. Of course after I allowed a guy to call my wife ugly."



















We previously reported that in his bid to damage control as he faced intense backlash for the Cancun trip, took to social media to share photos of him allegedly helping out with the relief work, days after returning to Texas on Thursday, February 18. He was pictured patting a woman's arm and carrying a pack of water bottles to a car. He tweeted the images with the caption, "#TexasStrong." However, Cruz's tweet does not seem to have had the intended effect on his constituents as many took to social media to call out the seemingly staged photos.

Others took a different approach in criticizing the Texas Republican Senator, focusing on his flouting CDC guidelines on quarantine and stepping out in the public just two days after his return. According to the CDC guidelines, those who travel internationally are recommended to stay home and self-quarantine for a full seven days after travel and get a viral test three to five days after travel. If the traveler does not get tested, the CDC recommends to self-quarantine for 10 days after travel.



Meanwhile, both Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and ex-Rep Beto O'Rourke spearheaded fundraising efforts to help storm-battered Texans. Ocasio-Cortez traveled to Texas and helped fill boxes at the Houston Food Bank with Democratic Texas Representatives Sylvia Garcia and Sheila Jackson Lee, and raised more than $4 million in a few days. O'Rourke also continued to help with relief efforts.

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