'So emotional': Paris Hilton's parents found revelations in her bombshell memoir 'very hard to read'

'So emotional': Paris Hilton's parents found revelations in her bombshell memoir 'very hard to read'
Paris Hilton's new book 'Paris: The Memoir' made shocking revelations about her past (Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA: Paris Hilton's shocking revelations in her new book 'Paris: The Memoir' were "very hard" for her parents to read. On Thursday night, the 42-year-old media personality made an appearance on 'Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen' where she revealed that she was nervous about her father and mother going through "so much of the book."


Talking about her father Richard Hilton and mother Kathy Hilton, Paris said, "I talk about things I never told anyone. It was definitely very hard for my parents to read. It's been very emotional. But I'm so, just proud to tell my story and to have made such a difference. People are realizing I'm not a dumb blonde, I'm just very good at pretending to be one."


Paris Hilton talks about 'traumatic' experiences in new memoir

Paris Hilton makes shocking revelations about being groomed at 14

Hilton reveals about her trauma and past relationships

From traumatic experiences to past relationships, Hilton's new book explains her experiences in life. The 'Love Rush' founder claimed to experience sexual abuse while she was in a CEDU boarding school program. Hilton also talked about her pregnancy and the abortion she had during her relationship with model Jason Shaw.


"There was no happy little family at stake," she wrote. "That was not going to happen. Trying to continue that pregnancy with the physical and emotional issues I was dealing with at the time would have been a train wreck for everyone involved. At that moment in my life, I was in no way capable of being a mother. Denying that would have jeopardized the family I hoped to have in the future at a time when I was healthy and healed," she added. 

Hilton's relationship with her high school teacher

In her memoir, Hilton detailed about an inappropriate relationship during her younger years at a Catholic school. She said that while she was in eighth grade, her teacher came over to her home one night. "I saw a late-model SUV idling at the top of the driveway. I climbed into the passenger seat. Teacher pulled me into his arms and kissed me," she wrote.


Hilton opened up about her infamous sex tape in 2003

Opening up about her infamous sex tape in 2003 with Rick Salomon, her then-boyfriend, she said, "I don't remember that much about the night he wanted to make a videotape while we made love. He had often said it was something he did with other women, but I felt weird and uncomfortable about it. I always told him, 'I can't. It's too embarrassing.'"


"He kept pushing. I kept making excuses," she continued and revealed that Salomon who promised to keep the tape private between them gave her an ultimatum. Hilton said, "He told me if I wouldn't do it, he could easily find someone who would," and added, "That was the worst thing I could think of — to be dumped by this grown man because I was a stupid kid who didn't know how to play grown-up games," she continued.

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 Paris Hilton's parents found revelations in memoir 'hard to read'