'Snowpiercer' Season 2 Episode 6 Spoilers: Jennifer Connelly returns in Melanie Cavill-centric lonely adventure

Melanie Cavill has been off the grid after she leapt off the train to head towards Breslauer Weather Station, here's what she's been up to

                            'Snowpiercer' Season 2 Episode 6 Spoilers: Jennifer Connelly returns in Melanie Cavill-centric lonely adventure
Jennifer Connelly as Melanie Cavill in 'Snowpiercer' (TNT)

Season 2 of 'Snowpiercer' has been as much about the redemption of Jennifer Connelly's Melanie Cavill as it has been about the slow moral decline of Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs), the Tailie revolution's rebel king. However, while we have been privy to the chess game between Mr Wilford (Sean Bean) and Layton, Melanie Cavill has been off the grid, so to speak, for two whole episodes. 

To make up for her absence, the upcoming Episode 6 'Many Miles From Snowpiercer' seems to an entirely Melanie Cavill-centric episode. In sharp contrast to the episodes aboard the claustrophobic twin trains now conjoined, for better or for worse, here we are in the freezing 'outdoors'. What makes this interesting is that Season 1 seemed to avoid the outside and the cold as an unspeakable horror. In Season 2, the outside is less menacing. In fact, it symbolizes hope as opposed to what is happening inside the trains where it is hard to 'keep hope alive'.


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Sean Bean as Mr Wilford (IMDb)

Melanie Cavill's lone voyage to the Breslauer Weather Station represents this hope. So much so that when her much-awaited weather balloon ping doesn't come in the last episode, Layton and Ruth decide to lie to the passengers to keep that hope alive. A lie akin to the one Melanie Cavill spun about Mr Wilford.

Episode 6 promises to tell us more about what happened before the Freeze and how Melanie decided to help Mr Wilford build his train.


What to expect in Episode 6 'Many Miles From Snowpiercer' 

According to the official logline for the episode: "Mel arrives at the research station, where she makes some startling discoveries while struggling to survive and thinking back to the days before the Freeze". In the trailer for the episode, Jennifer is shown arriving at the blizzard-whipped research post, with Melanie saying "It's been 10 days since I arrived." She is a lone figure in a white landscape and she tries to make the frozen instruments work. She also sets up a rudimentary calendar about the dates she needs to communicate with the Snowpiercer. 


So, we will finally also know why she missed that crucial balloon ping. Another aspect of her solitary adventure is that cold might be making her hallucinate about the past as she tells someone to forgive her as she embraces an unknown figure. Could this be about how she abandoned Alex (Rowan Blanchard), her daughter, along with Mr Wilford? 

While most of the episode will be about Melanie trying to get the data she needs about a viable future on the outside heralded by the falling snow, we won't be leaving 'Snowpiercer' entirely. Wilford stalks the train aisles looking for someone telling them it isn't the "end of the world". Who he is speaking to remains a mystery. And then, very distinctly, we see a fire break out aboard 'Snowpiercer'. Will WIlford's plan to eliminate the Breechmen go horribly wrong and start a fire that will devastate the already stretched train resources? If so, Layton may have to make even more drastic decisions that will hurry his descent into the despot category like Wilford and Melanie. Just like he had Pike kill Terrence in the last episode, who will he choose to get rid of next?

'Snowpiercer’ Season 2 Episode 6 releases on March 1 on TNT at 9 pm ET, and on Netflix on March 2.

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