'Snowpiercer' Season 2 Episode 5 Spoilers: Audrey and Mr Wilford’s past can change the train’s future

Audrey was a high-priced escort in Chicago and the object of Wilford’s passion. As she boards Big Alice, could her past with Wilford secure the train's future?

                            'Snowpiercer' Season 2 Episode 5 Spoilers: Audrey and Mr Wilford’s past can change the train’s future
LJ Folger has befriended Alex Cavill and LJ could help Wilford manipulate her (TNT)

In last week's episode, for the first time, we saw a vulnerability in Sean Bean's Mr Wilford as his past with Audrey (Lena Hall) comes to light. Audrey once was a high-priced escort in Chicago and she was the obsessive object of Wilford’s passion. As the unnerving sequences unfolded between them, we know how broken Wilford is, sick in body, mind and soul. His brokenness combined with his hunger for control is a volatile mix just waiting to blow up. 

Audrey, however, despite hating to 'open Pandora's box' as per Layton's plea which sees her having to play to Wilford's obsession for her, is the dangerous 'trade'. In return, she has managed to gain a bit of control over him. Meanwhile, the other psychopath, a Wilford loyalist LJ Folger (Annalise Basso) is cozying up to Alexandra "Alex" Cavill (Rowan Blanchard). Given they are both the same age, it is both natural and dangerous because, through LJ, Wilford has a way of getting into Alex's thought process. And finally, there is Josie, who was headed to Big Alice for treatment and under the close watch of Wilford, which can't be a good thing since the Tailies consider her the 'real' leader in some ways of the revolution, unlike Layton who has been tarnished in its aftermath. With taut relationships being stressed to the maximum point, what will break in the upcoming episode?  


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 Ruth Wardell (Alison Wright) is downright jealous that Audrey is invited to board Big Alice, even as Audrey quells the panic and says she is fine as she makes the trip to romance Wilford. Expect more revelations and the future of Big Alice and Snowpiercer could rest squarely on how Audrey leverages her past with Wilford. 


In the meantime, other things are falling apart. Brakeman Till (Mickey Sumner) reminds Layton of all the problems they have to solve as fights break out of the Snowpiercer since the former order of the train has broken down. Differences between Layton and Wilford’s plans persist and Wilford's loyalists are trying to spark another revolution on their leader's behalf. But is Wilford really the power behind them or is someone using Wilford as a figurehead again to grab power.

The only good news is that Josie will try to pass on information from Big Alice to Snowpiercer as she undergoes treatment. Jennifer Connelly's Melanie Cavill was missing in the last episode, so there is a chance we will see her again. With her out there, there is a future possibility of life beyond the train if her hunch about the weather is right. Once that future is established, it will again change the power dynamics among the group of survivors who have lived through the Freeze.

Snowpiercer’ Season 2 Episode 2 releases on February 22, 2021 on TNT at 9 pm ET, as well as arrives on Netflix on February 23.