'Snowfall' Season 5: How did Franklin meet Veronique? FX thriller may explore backstory

'Snowfall' Season 5: How did Franklin meet Veronique? FX thriller may explore backstory
Franklin and Veronique in a still from 'Snowfall' (FX)

One of the new faces in 'Snowfall' Season 5 was Devyn Tyler's Veronique, Franklin Saint's (Damson Idris) new girlfriend who is also pregnant with their first child. Considering the time jump, not much is known about Tyler's character, however, Idris gave the audience a brief backstory about his relationship and how he met Veronique.

Talking on The Breakfast Club about the new season of 'Snowfall', Idris first spoke on his character arc in the latest installment. “Franklin [has] near $100 million now, living the high life,” he noted. “Penthouse… Jerome and Louie are on horses. Leon’s like a Franklin in his own right… So you’re seeing him enjoying this lifestyle as so many people in the ’80s did, but then you’re seeing the demise of a community.”


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Moving on talking about Veronique, he said, "My backstory with Veronique’s character is essentially this: Remember, in season 3 when Franklin kind of took the Mosley’s out of that house? He basically kind of conned this old couple out of their bookstore, so he was taken to court, and the person that was there representing him was Veronique. “And they won that case, and he kind of fell for her and kind of hired her on his team and wanted to build with her,” he remarked “Something led to another, and then, boom, now they’re together.”

In all probability, the crime drama will give a glimpse of how they met over the course of the season. The popular theories are that Veronique can't be trusted for some reason, something that 'Breakfast Club' co-host Angela Yee opined as well. "You know, this drug trade is a tricky thing,” Idris replied. “Loyalty could go so quickly when your life is on the line, and your life really is on the line 24/7. So um, yeah, stick with the show. That’s all I can say. Keep watching.”
When Yee asked if that meant she was on to something, Idris wouldn’t confirm anything. “You might be on to something, you might not. Who knows."

Only time will tell how things pan out for Veronique and Franklin. The upcoming episode promises an all-out attack. Titled 'The Liad: Part 1', the synopsis reads, 'A brutal attack leaves the crew in chaos.' Not much is hinted from the synopsis other than the fact that the crew might be in tatters. For now, it's a wait for another explosive chapter.

'Snowfall' airs at 10 pm ET on FX.

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