‘Snowdrop’: Drama director reveals reason for casting rookie actress Blackpink Jisoo

‘Snowdrop’: Drama director reveals reason for casting rookie actress Blackpink Jisoo
Jung Hae-in, Jisoo and director Jo Hyun-tak at the press conference (@jtbcdrama/Instagram)

After one last trailer dropping hours before the premiere, we will finally get to see actress Jisoo in ‘Snowdrop’ on December 18. After showing an interest in acting, the Blackpink star had a couple of cameos before her label YG signed off on her first acting gig as a lead actress. Her first lead role happens to be in the romantic melodrama ‘Snowdrop,’ set during the 80s June uprising in South Korea. She plays Young-ro who gets entangled with student protestor Su-ho, played by Jung Hae-in of ‘D.P.’ fame.

Fans loved the chemistry between Jisoo and Jung Hae-in during their interviews, photoshoots and in the ‘Snowdrop’ trailers. But the show is not your regular romantic K-drama. The Blackpink star has landed a complex character for her first major role as we see hints of angst and trouble in the trailers. Non-fans and antis wondered how a rookie actress like her would do justice to the role. But now the director of 'Snowdrop' himself has acknowledged Jisoo’s acting skills.

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Jisoo’s audition tape

During the ‘Snowdrop’ press conference, the drama’s director Jo Hyun-tak explained his decision for casting Jisoo as the lead role. Having done only a few cameos, the Blackpink star doesn’t have much acting experience. Director Hyun-tak also confessed that he wasn’t planning on casting rookie actresses for the melodrama. He had no idea as to who could possibly take on the challenging role of Young-ro. But after watching Jisoo’s audition tape he made up his mind.

Hyun-tak shared, “As soon as I saw Jisoo’s audition, I knew, ‘Yes… This is Young Ro.’ It was decided in a flash, and we need to work on this immediately.” He even joked that he was ready to threaten her company YG and tell them that she had to do the role because Jisoo herself wanted to do it. Hyun-tak has worked with several veteran actors and has directed acclaimed K-dramas like ‘Sky Castle’. Fans understood the director’s sentiments as we got to see the different emotions portrayed by Jisoo in the trailers for ‘Snowdrop’.


Jisoo for Dazed Korea

At the same time, we are also getting a glimpse of Jisoo as a model. The Blackpink idol landed a new photoshoot with Dazed Korea for the new year. In collaboration with Dior, for whom she’s the brand ambassador, she is on six covers of Dazed Korea for the January 2022 issue. Dressed in Dior’s New Look Collection and Forever Foundation, she is seen modelling chic red party dresses, smart black suits and flowing white dresses.

'She's that powerful'

Impressed fans made memes and tweets like, “Jisoo beat well known actresses in the audition and had an acclaimed director begging her to take on the lead role in snowdrop. I don’t know what else you want me to say she’s THAT powerful.” Another fan wondered how the audition must have gone, “Director: "no rookie will be a part of my drama" jisoo: "hi, i came to aud— " director: "YES, YOU WILL BE MY YOUNGRO".” One proud fan added, “I seriously can’t believe jisoo is a rookie actress. she really executed her role as young-ro well, the director hit the jackpot with her.” Another pointed out, “Jisoo's facial expressions are on point.”






Snowdrop will air on December 18 at 10:30 pm KST (8:30 am ET) on jTBC’s channel and Disney+

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