‘Snowdrop’: Blackpink’s Jisoo takes over Twitter as character posters release

Kim Jisoo, who will appear on the JTBC K-drama, ‘Snowdrop’, charms fans with her script reading footage and intense poster alongside actor Jung Hae-in

                            ‘Snowdrop’: Blackpink’s Jisoo takes over Twitter as character posters release
Singer and Actress Jisoo proves her charm with her intense visuals on the character poster of 'Snowdrop' along with Actor Jung Hae-in (Snowdrop/JTBC)

Blackpink’s Jisoo is coming to the small screen and how! Jisoo will make her debut appearance as the main lead in the upcoming K-drama from JTBC and Disney+, ‘Snowdrop’ (literally translated as Solganghwa) and there is so much buzz about the drama already ahead of its official release which was more or less expected of Blinks and Jisoo’s fans.

The K-drama is heralding a super-hit with only days ahead of its official release we know the reason. Jisoo brings her star power to the show as fans of the idol are awestruck by her acting ability and intense charm as released on the character teaser of the show. On November 30, JTBC released the official teaser posters for the two main leads of the show, actor Jung Hae-in who is well-known for his charming and understanding main-lead roles in the K-drama’s ‘One Spring Night’ and ‘Something in the Rain’ while Jisoo personifies the Blackpink song lyric from their song, ‘Whistle’ that says, “Every time we show up, (we) blow up.”


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Jisoo embodies the character of Young-ro

The posters for both Jung Hae-in and Kim Ji-soo (Jisoo) showed the two characters’ rivaling personalities as their faces were placed over a black background radiating two different emotions. Actor Jung Hae-in plays the character of Lim Soo-ho and the teaser shows the actor’s anguished gaze with his head bowed as he is unable to face the camera due to his secret with the words, “A man aiming at her fate, Lim Soo-ho” on the poster. This teaser poster reflects the character’s inner conflicts and feelings of sadness that he feels all thanks to the fate he has been dealt with in the drama and fans are excited for Jung Hae-in’s take on such a character.


On the other hand, Jisoo plays the confident character of Eun Young-ro who shows her raw unfiltered emotions to fans with her sad eyes looking straight at fans. The poster has shards of broken glass that overlap with Jisoo’s face showing her inner turmoil combined with her innocent and loving face. To add a little more curiosity to the character, the words, “A woman aiming for love towards him, Eun Young-ro” are written describing Jisoo’s character in the show.

Jisoo for the character poster of the K-drama, 'Snowdrop' (Snowdrop/JTBC)

The production team of ‘Snowdrop’ reported that both Jung Hae-in and Jisoo created a perfect synergy by embodying the two characters in no time while shooting for the character posters. The K-drama ‘Snowdrop’ is a story of two desperate lovers Soo-ho (Jung Hae-in), a prestigious college student who runs into a female dormitory in a bloody mess, and Young-ro (Kim Ji-soo), a female college student who hides in the dorm and heals him in the midst of a crisis. The K-drama is set to broadcast on December 18 on the TV network, JTBC on their 10:30 pm KST (8:30 am ET) slot as well as internationally via Disney+.


'The visuals are insane'

Fans are extremely excited about 'Snowdrop' as Jisoo trends in multiple regions on Twitter with everyone talking about the upcoming drama and the poster as well as clips released from the script reading of the show. One fan said, "Good morning to us bcs we got another crumbs of haesoo! jisoo and haein's visuals are rlly top-tier. and the poster?? the broken glass?? the dark colors used?? snowdrop will give us a roller coaster ride, i'm sure of it." Another fan said, "YASSSS. LESGOOOO HAE IN AND JISOO I LOVE U GUYS!"

One fan pointed, "Their insane visuals." Another proud fan noted, "Im just so proud to this Girl from cameos and now she is the main character." One more fan said, "This is how you pose when you're the main character."












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