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Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart win hearts with witty Olympics commentary, fans 'can't stop laughing'

The hip-hop legend and the comedian were roped in for NBC’s Peacock TV show called 'Olympic Highlights with Kevin Hart & Snoop Dogg'
Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart (Ethan Miller/Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)
Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart (Ethan Miller/Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Snoop Dogg is a national treasure and when we say it we simply mean it as his recent Live Olympics commentary with comedian Kevin Hart proves the same. The rap veteran has taken over the mic on several occasions in the past leaving the audience in splits with his hilarious takes on things. Snoop again left the fans asking for more when he sat for a program with Hart and provided commentary about an equestrian event.

The hip-hop legend and the comedian was roped in for NBC’s Peacock TV show called 'Olympic Highlights with Kevin Hart & Snoop Dogg' where they participated in a segment called 'Cold Call'. The duo was asked to comment on the clips from the ongoing Tokyo games without any prior knowledge of what they were being shown. Their spontaneous commentary with witty punchlines soon went viral on the Internet as fans labeled it as pure gold.

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Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart win Internet with hilarious Olympics commentary

While commenting on an equestrian event, one particular clip struck a chord with social media users. Seconds into the clip of the event, the horse began prancing prompting a hilarious response from the duo. While watching the video, the award-winning rapper said, “The Horse Crip walking, you see that? On the set! That’s gangster! Look at this! This horse is off the chain, I gotta get this motherf**er in a video.”

To this Hart reverted, “Snoop said I gotta put the horse in the video! Horse Crip walking is officially in the Olympics” requesting to play the clip again. Snoop Dogg continued his hilarious rant asking whether horses got medals for winning or not. Giving a quirky reply, Hart stated, “I’ve never seen a horse with a medal. It goes to the person on the horse, which should be changed! I didn’t see that jockey do any type of Crip walk just now…you didn’t have your ankles taped, the horse did. I demand for the horse to get the respect that they deserve and the same bragging rights as the jockey.” He added, “You start to hang a medal on these horses’ neck so when they get around the other horses they can neigh and show the other horses. You don’t think a horse want to brag?”



‘Give them a weekly show covering whatever’

Social media users had a ball while watching Snoop and Hart doing a live commentary. One user said, “Whoever is responsible for this level of hilarity needs a raise!” Another stated, “No. Just Snoop is fine. He’s the only one bringing anything worthwhile to the commentary.” Whereas, one tweeted, “I have never, ever heard anyone refer to dressage as crip walking. I cannot stop laughing at this. Gold.”
Another user added, “Do yourself a favor and head to @peacockTV for @KevinHart4real and @SnoopDogg doing daily Olympic recaps. Such a fun show and a fun duo! Can this please happen for all major events moving forward??” While another shared, “I’ve always loved the olympics but snoop dogg and Kevin hart making the call is next level awesome.” One person said, “If you guys aren’t watching Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg commentary on the Olympics on Peacock you’ve got a watch it is f**king hilarious.” Another posted, “Whoever said yes to having Kevin and Snoop just flow uncensored needs, NO, DESERVES a big fat raise. And after the olympics, give them a weekly show covering whatever. I’ll watch.” Another concluded, “Spot on. #SnoopDogg commentary is the best thing to happen to the #Olympics”