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Who are Kevin Hart's children? 'Zero F**ks Given' on baby's onesie sparks fury, but comedian is unbothered

Hart is a father of four, with Kaori Mai being the newest addition and sibling to  Kenzo Kash, 2½, and Hendrix, 12, plus sister Heaven, 15
UPDATED NOV 23, 2020
Eniko Parrish and Kevin Hart (Getty Images)
Eniko Parrish and Kevin Hart (Getty Images)

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart has had intense - and growing - success over the years, from movies such as 'Night School' to many comedy specials that have had his fans 'Laugh at his Pain'. Of course, celebrities are eventually doused in scandals, otherwise, Hollywood news wouldn't make the papers - Hart, is of course no stranger to scandals, with Oscar controversy once making headlines.

Most recently though, the comedian released a Netflix stand-up special titled 'Zero F**ks Given' from the comfort of his own living room. While the man who self promotes all his projects on his Instagram account was celebrating the release, he posted a picture of his newest baby Kaori Mai wearing an onesie that sparked fury. Of course, Hart being as unbothered as he always has taken to his social media to call out the "stupidity" saying he gives “Zero F*cks".

The comedian posted a picture of an article clipping with the headline "Kevin Hart Slammed For Dressing Newborn In ‘Profanity-Laced’ Outfit, Fans Suggest Child Services Will Be Calling If He Doesn’t Take The Shirt Off'" writing in the caption, "This is the world that we are currently living in....shit is funny and sad at the same time....Y’all motha fu=*cka’s need to grow up and get a hobby. What’s happening out here...once again I could give “Zero F*cks”......Now go watch my special on NETFLIX “Zero F*cks Given” .....Stupidity at the highest level. #ComedicRockStarShit .....This is why my mindset is what it is in my comedy said in “Zero F*cks Given” y’all are THE FEDS." The post was a thread, as Hart followed it with a picture of his new daughter with wife Eniko Hart, wearing an onesie that read the title of his comedy special - f*ck was not censored.

Hart is a father of four, with Kaori Mai being the newest addition and sibling to  Kenzo Kash, 2½, and Hendrix, 12, plus sister Heaven, 15. He shares Hendrix and Heaven wih ex-wife, Torrei Hart, and Kenzo and Mai with current wife, Eniko. When his special was released, Hart had also taken to Instagram to post his entire family wearing PJ's with the title of the special on it, but baby Kaori wasn't in the picture.

Kaori made an appearance with the onesie two posts later with her father captioning the picture, "Zero F*cks Given”......My baby supporting her daddy on the opening day!!!! Zero F**ks given is streaming on NETFLIX NOOOOOOOWWW!!!!! Go get some comedy in yo life damn it!!!!! #ComedicRockStarSh*t." People took to commenting on the comedic rockstars picture writing, "Take that shirt off of the baby before child services calls u" - you can see the comment in this screenshot that many publications revealed. Some took a less threatening approach adding they aren't "feeling" the onesie, or would have preferred an "I support my daddy Kevin Hart" onesie instead.

Either way it seems as though the family is completely unbothered, with Hart still using the "scandal" to promote his special. The comedian is very close to these kids, as his feed constantly shows his love for his entire family. We're not sure if CPS wouldn't consider this case, and Hart definitely doesn't seem to think so.

'Zero F**ks Given' is available to stream on Netflix.