'Savage' sticks to aespa's trademark trap beats but debuts sultry look for members

'Savage' continues the story told in aespa's previous songs but the members experiment with a more mature, sultry look with their æ-avatars

                            'Savage' sticks to aespa's trademark trap beats but debuts sultry look for members
The four members of the K-pop group aespa take their music to the next level with a sultry concept for the song 'Savage' (SM Town/YouTube)

As SM Entertainments rookie K-pop girl group aespa releases their first-ever album after giving hits like 'Black Mamba' and 'Next Level', they have garnered a large fanbase for themselves. With a record of 400,000 pre-orders, their first mini-album, 'Savage' is already on the brink of becoming a half-million seller, something even older groups from the industry are not able to achieve at times.

With 'Savage' aespa has cast a spell on the world that members promise will take the group to the next level. The K-pop group aespa which debuted under SM Entertainment in November of 2020 with their hit single, 'Black Mamba' is enjoying explosive popularity among Generation Z with its Metaverse concept. The four-member group is culturally diverse with two Korean members, Winter and Karina, one Japanese member, Giselle, and one Chinese member, Ning Ning.


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'Savage' by aespa

After a lot of anticipation behind aespa's new release, their first mini-album titled, 'Savage' was released on October 5 on all leading music platforms. The mini-album consists of six songs with its title track being, 'Savage.' The song comes from the same genre similar to aespa's other songs and has a trap beat to it with drums and other instruments playing in the back.

Fans say the song 'ænergy', written by Yoo Youngjin, radiates the positive energy exuded by the members of aespa. With lyrics that offer an overview of the four members' lively characters, aespa presents a treat for fans. With all songs on the album presenting unique emotions, aespa is still sticking to its brand of upbeat trap music as they make a grand comeback with their first EP, 'Savage.'

aespa for 'Savage' (@aespa_official/Twitter)

The song 'Savage'

The title track 'Savage' is composed by artists like Kirsten Collins, Jia Lih, Yoo Youngjin, and Hautboi Rich. The song is bass-heavy and written by Yoo Youngjin. The music video shows a continuation of the story told in aespa's previous songs but the members experiment with a more mature, sultry look in the music video. 'Savage follows aespa’s unique storyline while the song contains a unique and distinctive rap as well as powerful vocals. The song has an addictive chorus while the story of the song is that of aespa and their sexy æ-avatars on their way to the land of "Kwangya" to battle their arch-nemesis Black Mamba.

Watch the music video for 'Savage' here: 


'Congratulations aespa'

Fans send their best wishes and congratulations to aespa as they release their first-ever album. One fan complimented the vocals of the girls while another said, "aespa undeniably has the best vocal line in 4th gen like who’s gonna compete with THIS." One fan picked on the roles each member took on in the music video for 'Savage' saying, "aespa and their abilities. Karina: rocket puncher. Winter: armamenter. Giselle: xenoglossy. Ningning: e.d hacker."

One fan congratulated the girls saying, "Queens rock the world! Everything that aespa does is iconic and congratulations for aespa's 1st mini album. Hope will so much Savage on stage and please be healty during the promotion girls. Everyone please support our girls in love." Another fan said, "Congratulations on your comeback, aespa! (@kagrina @ningningih) You deserve nothing but the best. I hope everything goes well until the promotion period ends. KEEP FIGHTING AESPA!" One more fan congratulate aespa saying, "Congratulations on your 1st mini album! AESPA SAVAGE SHOWCASE."







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