'Sister Wives' star Kody Brown slammed for using Covid-19 as 'excuse' to avoid family

'Anyway, chile. What is Kody going to do when Covid restrictions are lifted, he can’t blame staying away from Janelle, Meri and Christine?' said a fan

                            'Sister Wives' star Kody Brown slammed for using Covid-19 as 'excuse' to avoid family
'Sister Wives' star Kody Brown (TLC)

'Sister Wives' fans have for very long suspected that the Brown family patriarch aka Kody Brown favored his fourth wife Robyn Brown over his other three wives, and the show's latest Season 16 seems to be confirming this theory. The recently aired episode of the hit TLC show featured Kody and Christine Brown's daughter Ysabel Brown gearing up herself for getting surgery. Kody initially tried pushing her into postponing her surgery for a later date so that she wouldn't expose herself and others to Covid-19 by going to a hospital.

But when Ysabel and Christine made it very clear that she needed to get the surgery done immediately, Kody decided to stay back at home instead of being by his daughter's side while she was getting her surgery. Kody cited Covid-19 as an excuse to not be with his daughter during this critical time. It isn't just Christine and Ysabel who are getting the cold-shoulder treatment from Kody, Kody's other wives- Meri Brown and Janelle Brown too have been sidelined ever since the pandemic began. Kody avoided spending time with Meri and Janelle saying he didn't want to risk exposing his family to the virus by shuttling between their houses, so he decided to stay with Robyn. 


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Kody Brown from 'Sister Wives' (TLC)


Just like Meri, Janelle, and Christine, fans too were disappointed with Kody using the virus as an excuse to blow off most of his family and just spending time with Robyn and her kids. Many fans took to Twitter to call him out for it. A fan tweeted, "Kody uses “ not being able to see the rest of the family” as an excuse to not go to his daughter’s surgery. But he really means he can’t see Robyn because he already doesn’t see Meri or Christine and Janelle doesn’t care about Covid distancing #sisterwives." Another fan wrote, "Kody only cares about Robyn. He uses Covid as an excuse not to see his other wives. Thus his relationship with his other kids suffer. #sisterwives." "Kody is dragging the hell outta Covid to be with Robyn #sisterwives," observed a fan.





Another fan wondered, "Anyway, chile. What is Kody going to do when Covid restrictions are lifted and he can’t blame staying away from Janelle, Meri and Christine? #sisterwives." "Kody...you are so upset about covid compliance. Hiw about you WEAR A MASK?!? then you could have hugged Isabel and Christine. You're using covid protocol as an excuse to stay distanced. #sisterwives #realkodybrown," pointed out a fan. "Here's the thing: i believe in social distancing and all of the covid protocol. i didnt go anywhere until i was vaccinated. HOWEVER kody cant abandon parts of his family. find a way to make it work #sisterwives," expressed a fan.




 'Sister Wives' Season 16 airs every Sunday at 10/9c on TLC. 


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