'Sister Wives' Janelle and Christine Brown deny rivalry rumors, fans say they're 'happy for them'

'Sister Wives' Janelle and Christine Brown deny rivalry rumors, fans say they're 'happy for them'
Janelle and Christine Brown forge a heartwarming friendship (Youtube/TLC)

FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA: It's common knowledge that Kody Brown defaults to monogamy and Robyn Brown is the only wife who chose to stay with him. Janelle, Christine, and Meri Brown all left Kody last year. Although Kody is pointing fingers at Robyn for the downfall of his family, his ex-wives understand that it's just his toxic nature. Despite Kody's unfortunate changes, his ex-wives seem to be thriving in their new lives.

Janelle and Christine have a long history together and their friendship has grown even stronger since Christine supported Janelle during her divorce. Recently, Janelle's flight was canceled, but she didn't let that ruin her day. She went hiking with Christine and the children, which is a big deal considering their past disagreements. It seems that the two have finally put their issues behind them and are now enjoying each other's company.


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Janelle Brown shares hiking video

Janelle's love for hiking is evident in her weight loss journey, where she shared her hiking and running experiences. She recently posted a video on Instagram, in which she can be seen admiring the wildflowers on Arizona roads. The wind blowing through her hair, she shows a glimpse of the beautiful wildflowers behind her and describes it as the most beautiful thing she's ever seen and that it smells great. However, what's even more beautiful is the newfound friendship between Janelle and Christine, as they spend time together with their kids. This is a true testament to their growth as individuals. In the video, Janelle expresses her desire to capture the beauty of the purple and orange flowers she's been seeing along the road, highlighting the lush and vibrant surroundings. She said, "Wish I could capture the purple and oranges I have been seeing alongside the road," revealing the lush flowers behind her. 


She revealed in the caption that she was on a "Short trip to hang out with @christine_brownsw and the kids for a couple of days". She further revealed her plans, "My flight out of Flagstaff was canceled due to wind. So I’m now driving down to Phoenix to catch a direct flight to Salt Lake City. The bright spot today has been that the desert is as green as I’ve ever seen it. And there are these beautiful yellow, orange, and purple flowers mixed in the grass and cactus. Everything smells amazing. I need to go driving in the next couple of weekends to make sure I catch this amazing bloom of Arizona wildflowers before the heat starts to catch up with them."



Are Janelle Brown and Christine Brown friends?

The bond between Christine and Janelle is truly exceptional. They have formed an unbreakable sisterly friendship that has only grown stronger over the years. Their friendship, which began long before their respective splits from Kody, has stood the test of time, and it's clear to see that these two are the best of friends. Christine proved to be an invaluable source of support to Janelle during her divorce, offering her a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen to. Despite being married to Kody at the time, Christine's love and kindness towards Janelle never wavered, and their friendship only grew stronger as a result. Their sisterly bond was further cemented when they posed for smiling selfies together, documenting their cherished moments on social media for all to see.

And their friendship didn't stop there. Christine even attended the wedding of Janelle's son Logan last year, proving that their bond extends beyond their personal lives and into their families. Despite the challenges that life has thrown their way, they have emerged stronger and more supportive of each other than ever before. 



'I’m so glad you & Christine are still such good friends'

Fans were quick to crowd the comment section with their love and best wishes for the two women. They were glad to see them together after they walked out on Kody. One said, "Honestly, since dumping that clown, y’all are glowing!!! Keep doing you!!!" while another commented, "Yay!!! Janelle and Christine aren’t fueding! This is what we were all hoping!! ". Some even said, "You look wonderful & so happy. I’m so glad you & Christine are still such good friends." Yet another user commented, "It is so wonderful seeing you this happy now. You made the right decision!!" One user said, "Safe travels! You two QUEENS have fun and enjoy all the kids and grandkids!" while another wrote, "QUEENS ar back!! Glad you guys are friends!! "

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 'Sister Wives' Janelle and Christine Brown deny rivalry rumors, fans say they're 'happy for them'