'Sister With a Secret': 5 things you didn't know about Taylor Foster

The cast looks stellar with Taylor Foster and Mark Famiglietti in lead roles

                            'Sister With a Secret': 5 things you didn't know about Taylor Foster
Taylor Foster from 'Sister with a Secret' (Instagram - @taylrfostr)

Lifetime is back with a new thriller called 'Sister with a Secret' for us to get our nerves rattled, yet again. For all you thriller-loving, mind-numbing plot lovers out there, stay tuned for this one!

The plot of this Lifetime thriller revolves around a teenage girl who suddenly goes missing. Soon after, her family tries to decipher her deepest hidden secrets, so as to find out the kidnapper’s identity and actual motive. With a thorough police investigation, some shocking evidence and truth reveal some horrific twists in this watch. So what now? Will the missing girl see the light of day? Will the evidence unlock things from her past? Tune in to watch and find out yourself! In addition, the upcoming thriller stars Kelly Sullivan, Mark Famiglietti, Grace Narducci, and Taylor Foster star. 


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Here's a look at the cast of the Lifetime thriller, created by Ben Meyerson and written by Isak Borg along with Dena Hysell-Cornejo. 


Taylor Foster as Tara Miller 

Texas-born and raised actress Taylor Foster began her journey in the entertainment industry as a dancer first before she pursued a career in acting.

Foster's first major and prominent acting role was in the Netflix series called, 'Dear White People', where she portrayed the role of Rebecca (or Becca). Ever since, she has made an appearance in several film projects like 'Tempo', 'Criminal Minds', 'Saving Sloane', and 'Unhinged'.

Foster has also starred in 'Finding Glory', 'When the Time Is Right', and 'Severed Road'. Fun fact about Foster; she is no stranger to the spotlight you get on stage, and began taking tap classes and performing on stage at the tender age of 3!


The rest of the cast includes Mark Famiglietti as Tom and Grace Narducci as Jessica. 

Stay tuned for this Lifetime thriller that premieres on Lifetime on May 28 at 8/7c. Not based in the United States? Not a problem! Use a VPN and you're all set to catch Lifetime movies.

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