'Framed By My Sister': Lifetime thriller tries to pack in three times the threat

'Framed By My Sister': Lifetime thriller tries to pack in three times the threat
Taylor Compton plays Trinity and Reina and Alex in the Lifetime thriller movie (Lifetime)

'Framed By My Sister' revolves around twin sisters Reina and Alex (Taylor Compton), who are very happy in their lives and enjoying every moment together. However, these twin sisters are unaware of the fact that they also have a triplet named Trinity (Taylor Compton) who wants to upend their lives. Trinity is filled with revenge and anger issues assuming that Reina and Alex are the two who spoiled her life and are the reason for her separation from her family.

Unaware of the actual reason Trinity acts like a psychopath and creates many problems in the lives of Reina and Alexa. If you like the plot, you can add other Lifetime thriller movies like 'Sisters for Life', ' Black Single Female', and 'Line Sisters' to your watch list.


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Trinity just wants to exact revenge on her siblings and in her obsession with wanting to ruin their lives she tries all methods to frame the sisters for her wrongdoings. An adult in their midst, Mr Barrister, their stepfather, knows the truth about Trinity but somehow he finds him hindered from revealing this secret to the sisters or the person who has been sabotaging their lives. 

Taylor Compton as Trinity in 'Framed By My Sister' (Lifetime)

Reina is the first one on Trinity's list as she pins all the blame on her sister, tries to murder her and pin the blame on Alex. Will the sisters know of their evil triplet? We'll leave that for you to see. 

Directed by Anthony C Ferrante, Framed by My Sister’s riveting narrative is enhanced by the backdrop of an ordinary town populated by ordinary people who are unaware of the danger to the sisters. Taylor Compton executes the scenes of horror and bewilderment with equal ease, shuttling between the personalities of three sisters is no mean feat. One could chalk it up to her performance as Laurie Strode in the reboot series of the slasher film franchise ‘Halloween.’ Her other notable works include the movies such as ‘Apache Junction,’ ‘A Daughter’s Deceit,’ ‘Edge of Insanity,’ and ‘The Long Night.’

While this is not based on a true story Stephen Romano, the writer of the movie, has done a brilliant job of establishing the movie's realistic tone through his writing. However, the movie does resemble real-life incidents where people were incarcerated for the crimes of their identical siblings. Despite the fact that 'Framed by My Sister' is not a retelling of real events, the story is made more lifelike by the stellar cast. The cast of ‘Framed by My Sister’ also includes TK Richardson (Joey), Arlene Victoria Conrad (Gloria), Angie Teodora Dick (Sarzo), Jon Prescott (David), Angela Cole (Holly), and Gary Hudson (Kendall).

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