Is Sinead O'Connor OK? Singer deletes Twitter after planning to end her own life

'Her struggle is heartbreaking that a human should endure so much,' a fan shared

                            Is Sinead O'Connor OK? Singer deletes Twitter after planning to end her own life
Irish singer Sinead O'Connor recently lost her son to suicide (Photo by Getty Images)


Singer Sinead O'Connor's sudden disappearance from social media has raised concerns among her fans across the world. Especially because she deleted Twitter after posting a cryptic tweet about planning to end her own life. The 55-year-old singer's shocking tweet comes just days after she lost her own son Shane to suicide. 

The Irish popstar's 17-year-old son Shane O'Connor disappeared a week before he was discovered dead. Reportedly, Shane had been on suicide watch at a hospital in Dublin. In a series of tweets, O'Connor announced the death of her son on her personal Twitter feed. "My beautiful son, Nevi’im Nesta Ali Shane O’Connor, the very light of my life, decided to end his earthly struggle today and is now with God. May he rest in peace and may no one follow his example. My baby. I love you so much. Please be at peace," the singer wrote. It later emerged that Shane had planned his own funeral about a month before taking his own life. 


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As Sinead O'Connor mourned her son's tragic death, her fans from across the globe poured in their support and love for the singer. However, in her last series of tweets before deleting the account, O'Connor expressed that she was in dire need of mental help. She was also reportedly hospitalized a day after her son's death.

"I've decided to follow my son. There is no point living without him. Everything I touch, I ruin. I only stayed for him. And now he's gone," she tweeted from her now-deleted personal account. In another tweet, the devastated singer added, "I don't deserve to live and everyone who knows me will be better off without me." 

As the internet erupted in concern over her shocking tweets, O'Connor later apologized for her comments that upset many. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. I am with cops now on way to hospital. I am lost without my kid and I hate myself. Hospital will help a while. But I'm going to find Shane. This is just a delay," she mentioned in a later tweet. She also restored her personal Twitter account a day after deletion. 

In the past, Sinead O'Connor had publicly shared her struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts. After her latest series of tweets, a fan shared, "My heart absolutely breaks for Sinéad O'Connor. She has one of the most beautiful voices and tragic lives and to then lose her adored son—her struggle is heartbreaking that a human should endure so much. I wish her only the best."

Another tweeted, "Sinead O'Connor was hospitalized days after losing her son to suicide. I feel her pain. I wish I could say to her in person that love is the power that connects us in life and death. I do hope she finds the inner strength to carry on."

"Praying for Sinead O'Connor. Her pain must be immense. I'm glad she went to hospital and is getting help. If you are ever having suicidal thoughts/urges, please call someone. Suicide hotline, a friend, or go to hospital. Life is a struggle, but still precious. #SuicidePrevention," tweeted a fan.



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