'He doesn’t look well': Internet 'worried' as Simon Cowell looks unrecognizable amid Botox rumors

'He doesn’t look well': Internet 'worried' as Simon Cowell looks unrecognizable amid Botox rumors
'AGT' judge Simon Cowell's visibly leaner look shocks the Internet (Backgrid)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Simon Cowell looked unrecognizable as he arrived in Los Angeles for the latest round of 'America's Got Talent' tryouts. The recording tycoon has dropped four stones after changing his lifestyle. It seems that fans and cosmetic surgeons are concerned about Cowell over rumors of him getting fillers and Botox.


Simon was photographed coming to the US tryout location this week wearing a dark blue top that adhered to his slim figure. The 'AGT' judge wore it with denim and short sleeves to show off his muscular biceps. He carried a black briefcase and donned matching aviator shades as if he were set for business. Before approaching the location, the father-of-one was seen pointing at a nearby photographer and making a peace sign.


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'AGT' judge Simon Cowell's visibly leaner look shocks internet (Backgrid)
'AGT' judge Simon Cowell's visibly leaner look shocks the internet (Backgrid)

'Virtually unrecognizable'

Fans on the internet were shocked to see the latest photos of Simon at the 'AGT' auditions. One person wrote, "Virtually unrecognizable with glasses off." Another one advised, "Listen Si, seriously mate, you’ve got to stop having work done on your face. Stop now ok? I’m really worried about you, honestly, I am. Whatever going on with your mouth there, get it fixed then STOP." A third person said, "It's certainly not an improvement." One person also suggested, "He looks bloody awful. Eat a cheeseburger," as per Express.

One fan even went on to compare him to a Marvel hero, "Pratt." On the other hand, mocking him for his style, a person wrote, "You would think with all his money he would buy some trousers that fit! Far too thin and doesn’t look well!" Another person wrote, "Another sleb with ruined looks because of their own incomprehensible vanity," as per the news outlet. 


Simon Cowell arrives for filming of 'America's Got Talent' (Backgrid)
Simon Cowell arrives for the filming of 'America's Got Talent' (Backgrid)

'I suspect he’s had filler'

Cosmetic surgeons say Simon has a "sad appearance" after years of Botox, cheek and jawline fillers, and facelifts. Simon began to appear aged in his mid-thirties, according to Dr Alex Karidis, who explains, "Around the jawline you see some folding and creasing occurring, that’s the natural aging process," as per Mirror.


Dr Sarah Tonks added, after looking at a 2006 picture of the music tycoon, "At 46 there’s not a line on his forehead. Not one line. So he’s either had a very stress-free life or there’s some Botox in there. He has definitely not had a stress-free life. Maybe he’s had filler in the jawline, maybe he’s had his face lifted at this point. After keeping up the Botox jabs, by 2012 his eyebrows have started drooping." She added, "He’s got some volume loss in his forehead on both sides, which is not helping his brow position because the bigger your volume loss in your forehead, the lower your brows will be." She suggested Simon may have exacerbated his look by making poor cosmetic treatment choices. The doctors made their remarks on a TV program that examined how celebs have attempted to stay young.

"I suspect he’s had filler to try to lift any kind of natural sagging that’s occurring in the cheeks.... you can overdo things, and it can make your face look too wide and unnatural," Dr Karidis says of a 2016 picture.


"Before he’d had the Botox in the forehead and left around the eyes," Dr Tonks says as per the outlet. "Now it looks like an attempt has been made to soften the wrinkles and lines around his eyes. The two things together here have given this really sad appearance."



Changed diet and revamped lifestyle

Simon has received recognition for dropping over three stone, but a medical corset is also reportedly helping to slim his figure. The TV celebrity is sporting a surgical back brace to help his rehabilitation after nearly paralyzing himself in a bike mishap in 2020, according to Daily Mail. The shape of Simon's brace can be seen in photos shot on March 30 in Los Angeles.

Simon reportedly changed his diet after falling down the steps of his London house in October 2017. He attributed his injuries to his dangerous lifestyle, in which he "lived like a vampire," remaining alert until 8 am daily.


Meanwhile, Simon previously confessed in a frank discussion about his dieting that he used to binge on sausage rolls, hamburgers, and his preferred jam tarts prepared by his personal cooks. However, since quitting his harmful lifestyle, he claims to have lost four waist sizes.

Simon admitted that he occasionally eats a dish of beans on toast to avoid eating out. The 'Britain's Got Talent' judge emphasized that he hasn't "had a gastric band," instead attributing his weight reduction to a radical diet change after changing his eating habits, as per Daily Mail. The media tycoon went on to say that a doctor told him he'd had "the worst diet he'd ever seen," and he's 'stuck' to his new diet by avoiding pies, red meat, and gluten.


The TV star visited a specialist in Harley Street who specializes in a specific diet. Simon disclosed that when he goes out to eat now, he rarely gets anything because he claims he isn't a big eater, as per The Sun. Because he can't tolerate the cuisine, the record executive confessed to consuming beans on toast before going out on a night out.

In addition to walking 40 kilometers per week, 'The X Factor' star changed his work routine so that he only begins business meetings after 9 am, rather than holding conferences until the early hours of the morning as he used to.


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 Simon Cowell's unrecognizable look sparks concern amid Botox rumors