Silk Sonic 'Smokin Out the Window' Fan Review: New single is 'fire and comical'

New single is a follow up of the critically-acclaimed ‘Leave The Door Open’ and ‘Skate’ from their upcoming album 'An Evening With Silk Sonic’

                            Silk Sonic 'Smokin Out the Window' Fan Review: New single is 'fire and comical'
Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak in a still from 'Smokin Out the Window' (Photos by [email protected])

Keeping the tradition alive of funk music, Silk Sonic dropped another banger 'Smokin Out the Window' on Friday, November 5. The latest single by Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak is the third song from their highly-anticipated album  ‘An Evening With Silk Sonic’ that is scheduled to hit the leading streaming platforms on November 12. The collaborative effort was earlier supposed to release in January 2022.

'Smokin Out the Window' is a follow-up of the critically-acclaimed single ‘Leave The Door Open’ and ‘Skate’. Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak not only dropped the song but also accompanied it with a stunning retro-style music video that made the music lovers jump with excitement on Twitter. A lot of social media users dubbed Bruno Mars and Paak’s latest single as “fire and comical” at the same time as they also praised its lyrics and the music.
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Silk Sonic impresses with 'Smokin Out the Window' MV

The Silk Sonic duo like the previous songs treats their fans with funk and pop music as they step out in their shimmery suits for the music video. In the intro, Bruno Mars croons, “Must've spent thirty five, forty five thousand up in Tiffany's (Oh, no)/ Got her bada** kids runnin' 'round my whole cri/ Like it's Chuck E. Cheese (Woah)/ Put me in a jam with her ex-man in the UFC/ Can't believe it (Can't believe it)/ I'm in disbelief.”

The duo then hits the chorus with lyrics, “Smokin' out the window (Smokin' out the window)/ Singin' "How could she do this to me?"/ (How could she do this to me?)/ I thought that girl belonged to only me/ But I was wrong/ 'Cause she belong to everybody, everybody.” Paak too shows his skills here on the song as he hops on the second verse, “Just the other night she was grippin' on me tight/ Screamin' "Hercules" (Hercules, Hercules)/ Got me in the club lookin' for a new love.” In an interview with Rolling Stone in August 2021, Paak shared that Silk Sonic almost did not happen. “I’m not sure we would have done it if it wasn’t for the pandemic. It was tragic for so many people, but Bruno would have probably been on the road, me too but we had to be here (in the recording studio).” He added, “So we’d just come here every night, have a drink, and we play what we love.”




‘Bruno is singing like Sinatra plus Marvin Gaye’

The fans of Silk Sonic erupted with joy as one of them said, “If silk sonic existed two years ago this smoking out the window song would have been the only thing I listened to from that November to at least the next May.” Another shared, “They did that! The video. The look. The sound. The lyrics. The smooth musicality of it all.” One user tweeted, “Silk Sonic's forthcoming album is gonna be one of the best projects this decade, I honestly can't wait, 3/3 with these singles, Immaculate vibes, timeless songs, “Smoking Out The Window” gonna be on repeat all week long till the album drops, super amazing duo.”
Meanwhile, one fan said, “Brilliant blend of comedy and beauty.  Bruno is singing like Sinatra + Marvin Gaye.  Anderson keeping pace.  Surgeon General's Warning not necessary since they don't appear to be inhaling.  Love this song. Great slant rhymes.  Tiffany's and Chucky Cheese: LOL xx.” On similar lines, another loyal fan added, “New Silk Sonic is a notch below Leave The Door Open and Skate, but still pretty damn good. Funny lyrics, super smooth Temptation-style dance moves in the video, and pyrotechic Bruno vocals on the outro.” One user stated, “Smoking out the window is so f**king good, silk sonic are gods” and another concluded, “That Silk Sonic Smoking Out The Window is fire and comical at the same time. Bruno said "give her back to the city".
















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