‘Whenever You Call’: Arashi drop music video for Bruno Mars-written English song, fans call it a ‘masterpiece’

‘Whenever You Call’: Arashi drop music video for Bruno Mars-written English song, fans call it a ‘masterpiece’
Arashi and Bruno Mars (Getty Images)

Japanese boy band Arashi has dropped the video of their new single ‘Whenever You Call’ on their official YouTube channel. The fans of the five-member group literally had to wait for the entire year to listen to this single. Also, we must tell you that this is the very first English song of the pop band, and guess what, Grammy-winning artiste Bruno Mars has written and produced this beautiful song for the group.

The pop band had shared a very short video on September 9 on their official Twitter account where they announced the big collaboration with Bruno Mars. They tweeted, “Our new single 'Whenever You Call' is out Friday, September 18! A big thank you to Bruno Mars for producing this track for us!  Can't wait for you to hear it!  Pre-save "Whenever You Call" now!  http://ffm.to/wheneveryoucallpresave #WheneverYouCall #嵐 #ARASHI.”


Arashi was formed in 1999 and comprises of five members namely Satoshi Ohno, Sho Sakurai, Masaki Aiba, Kazunari Ninomiya, and Jun Matsumoto. As soon as the news broke out of their new song being released, fans took to Twitter to share their excitement.

One fan said, “Just as expected with Bruno Mars, the song is beautiful.. i really love the song I wish Arashi would do more of these in the future.. Congratulations @BrunoMars @arashi5official.” Another fan added, “I’m still too in love with this visualizer from Spotify ughhh and the song is so good!!! Thank you Bruno Mars and Arashi for this masterpiece!#ARASHI#嵐 #WheneverYouCall” One fan posted, “BRUNO MARS, FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS, THANK YOU!!! SINCERELY, THE ENTIRE ARASHI FANDOM” Another fan tweeted, “Arashi and Bruno Mars really did a very good job! This song just touches my heart. It felt like an organic 90s boy band, which is Arashi's gen It's just my style! And Ohno's voice is GOLD!”











‘Whenever You Call’ is a sad romantic number. The lyrics of the song go, “We don't have to be together, We could even be a thousand miles apart/ This, I promise you forever, I'll always be the light that gets you out the dark/ No matter the time, No matter the place/ There's nothing in this world, That could stand in my way.” The official music video of Arashi’s ‘Whenever You Call’ goes well with the lyrics. The video opens with band members singing their hearts out in different shots and remembering their lost love.

Check out the official video here:


Fans also expressed their feedback in the video's comments section on YouTube. One fan said, “I’ll be the light that gets you out the dark, Arashi has gotten me out of a dark place so many times I lost count. And this year they have shown us again and again that they will do everything possible to light up our days. I’m so thankful for these 5 people.” Another praised the collaboration of Bruno Mars and ARASHI and commented: “How can 5 people make me SO happy without knowing them at all? That’s the magic of Arashi! Bruno said he wanted to work with 'someone that’s special, someone that has the magic touch' and that’s definitely them. I love you Arashi. Thank you for everything you have done in the past 21 years.”

Arashi has so far released 16 albums in a career spanning more than two decades. The last album the group released was called ‘Untitled’ in the year 2017. As per reports, the band's new album titled ‘This is Arashi’ will release on November 3. 

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